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By connecting Fruugo, among the largest e-commerce marketplaces, and Bigcommerce, the Fruugo Bigcommerce integration app, by Official Channel Integration Partner, enables Bigcommerce users add another sales channel for their business. Hassle free management of stores and enriching seller experience is what you can expect!

STRIKING features of the Fruugo BigCommerce Integration App

Handle's order on BigCommerce store

Bulk upload products on

Seamless import of orders and single-step fulfillment


Real Time Sync: To prevent any pseudo losses, the app synchronizes products and inventory status between Fruugo and Bigcommerce so all your product catalog is synced at both the places

BULK UPLOAD: Among the biggest hassle, online sellers face is transfer of Large chunk of data between different channels they're selling, this app enables one-click bulk upload functionality to remove all the inconvenience once for all.

CUSTOM PRICING: Since sellers follow different pricing strategy for different channels, partly due to the audience preferences and partly to compensate the commissions applied on product categories, custom pricing helps user set their perfect pricing point.

NOTIFICATIONS: To make sellers aware of the constant development, notifications send important feeds to seller panel to make them aware of all the recent developments.


Personal Account Manager

A skilled executive is made responsible to successfully integrate your BigCommerce stores with Also, he assists sellers:

By making them familiar with the navigation of the Fruugo BigCommerce integration app Panel.

Making them understand the process of uploading, listing products and overall management of the panel. Even, he/she uploads products, if needed, for sellers

Available 24*7 for all sorts of queries.

Empathetic Support: Upgrades are applied quickly once released by


We're Official Channel Integration Partner of and we Address Critical Needs.

For us Integration is the first step.

Vendors get all support – from product mapping to product upload, and 24*7 support to recurring updates – they need. We ensure all that can be done is done to satisfy our valuable client.

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