Gift Registry by Jifiti

The gift registry market is estimated at $35B annually. Loyal customers require a convenient and modern gift registry experience when it comes to their milestone life events. With the new Bigcommerce gift registry app you can now take part in this massive market with a fully branded end-to-end gift registry. Increase sales, acquire new users, and significantly enhance your customer life value.

Jifiti is the world leader in gift registry solutions. Its game-changing registry solution combines advanced functionality along with actionable analytics and data insights.

Once you download the gift registry app, our team will contact you in order to discuss your gift registry needs and plan next steps.

SCALABLE: From mom and pop through business enterprise retailers

ADVANCED FEATURES: Group gifting and built-in social features allow registrants to add any size ticket item.

DEDICATED MOBILE APPS (optional): The platform includes branded iOS & Android mobile apps.

CROSS PLATFORM SUPPORT: Seamless omni-channel experience throughout native apps, web, mobile web and in-store – fully optimized for all operating systems, browsers and screens.

CONSTANTLY EVOLVING: Our team is constantly updating the cloud-based design and technology, so you'll never find yourself with an outdated system.

WE DO THE HEAVY LIFTING: End-to-end capabilities – from design and implementation to customer support.

ENHANCE YOUR BRAND: Cutting edge design and technology that you'll be proud to offer to your shoppers.

SECURITY AND FRAUD GUARANTEE: Industry leading security standards. Encrypted data storage and transmission.

ENGAGING: Powerful conversion funnel and gift suggestion engine keeps users engaged and active.

Starting at $5000 upfront & $500 / month