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Goodvidio helps BigCommerce businesses increase conversion rate and sales with a powerful social proof - videos from social media. If you are selling consumer electronics, games, health & beauty products, sporting goods, tools & hardware, accessories, baby products, or fast-moving consumer goods, Goodvidio is an excellent fit for your store!

Increase sales - get up to 80% lift in conversion rate and boost your average order value with videos that inspire shoppers to buy.

Give social proof - use authentic review, unboxing, and how-to videos made by consumers and experts, whom shoppers trust, to show why they should buy your products.

Improve engagement - make shoppers stay 340% longer on your site, browse 130% more products, and bounce less with videos that capture attention.

Setting up Goodvidio on your BigCommerce store is easy and takes less than 5 minutes.Try Goodvidio for free for the first 15 days. After that, choose a plan that fits your store size and growth plans. Please visit for more details.


Goodvidio's platform gives you everything you need to use videos from social media to grow your ecommerce sales. Increase conversion rate, average order value, and engagement on your store by using Goodvidio to:

Easily collect and curate review, unboxing, how-to, tutorial, and other videos about your products from social media made by experts, consumers, and brands. Goodvidio instantly finds all videos about your products available on social media. Save time on manual video search and find videos in seconds, everything in one place.

Activate videos on your product pages and other marketing channels. Publish videos instantly with a single click, without spending time to embed code and use developer resources. Publish beautiful video galleries, optimized for mobile, that make visitors want to stay longer and give them the confidence to buy.

Analyze and optimize performance of videos on your site to increase your revenue and get maximum ROI. Measure how videos impact conversion rate, orders, and revenue over time. Track how videos affects your session duration, bounce rate, and depth of site engagement. Use video content to improve your bottom line.

Check our blog to learn more about using visual commerce, videos, and UGC to increase sales.

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