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Introducing the most powerful Google Product Ads Platform - that is not only automated but lot more intelligent than existing tools. Most retailers simply 'dump' their product catalog on Google Shopping Campaigns and 'pray' for results. Well, your performance can significantly be improved with instead of the "spray & pray" approach.

Check out some of the features below -

Give each product individual attention. At Scale. predicts conversion rates & demand for each product based on your site behavior. All your products are stars, we make sure everyone knows that.

Super smart bids for each Product, every time. It's Automated! defines the bid for each product in real time with the goal of maximising yield & volumes from Google.

Product changes synced. Always. Real-time.

With's direct integration with your Bigcommerce store, every change on your site goes to market in minutes.

Beat the crowd with Smarter Ad Creatives. makes your product catalog's metadata leaner & image assets more intelligent. For e.g. auto-zooming or cropping of images or enhancing the product title. Did we mention that all this is automated?

Impacts Bottomline

No matter how many SKUs you have, each SKU is optimized for real revenues & margins rather than just CTR and CPCs.

Give it a spin and enjoy ecommerce success! See more at

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