Google Shopping by Yahoo

Client Reviews (5)


Instantly increase product and store visibility by advertising your products with Google Shopping™ Product listing Ads.


Advertise your products on Google Shopping

Google Shopping by Yahoo to help you automatically list your products and manage your bids on Google Shopping™.

Synchronize ads with your store inventory automatically

Item out of stock? No problem. We’ll update your listings without your needing to lift a finger. Yahoo Commerce Central automatically synchronizes with your store and updates your feeds with accurate information on your catalog, including stock, pricing, and product images.

Control exactly which products are advertised

We give you fine control over exactly which products you want advertised so you won’t waste a cent. Focus your campaigns where you want them focused, whether that’s on your top selling products, a new line you’re launching, or a special promotion.

Client Reviews (5)

Save your money by Michelle
I went from average 12-20 sales per month to 1 when I signed up for this service. Save your money and manage your google shopping account yourself. I give it two stars because the staff was very attentive. I do however use Lexity Live and love it.
I've been using it for a week, by Andy Proctor
OK, this is good and essential if you are selling online. Being on Google Shopping results is important not only for sales but for showing your competition you are serious. It's been so easy, I was worried it was too easy! I wouldn't say it's revolutionized turnover, (yet) but while I am getting a few more orders, I am also getting larger orders so thank you Lexity. An easy and worthwhile move it would seem - thanks.
Great Product by Ilan Solomon
If you want to increase your sales, this is a must have. Extremely easy to set up and it does the job. I have been using this for the past three months and I'm very happy with the results.
Very Happy by Kathy
I have to say I have been really happy with the services that Lexity offers. I have seen an increase in traffic, and the staff is professional and friendly. They have been terrific with answering my thousands of questions that I constantly contact them with, and help to adjust my account as needed for the best results.
Thank You Lexity! by Imran
I would just like to say a big thank you to Lexity for their awesome services in helping us list on google and drive traffic to our store. I was really worried about our website not being seen on the internet but thanks to Lexity we are seeing our site traffic increase everyday! Easy to use, fast and friendly, thanks guys!