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  • Incentivize current shoppers to help promote your brand
  • The store credit shoppers earn will bring them back to shop again
  • Identify your brand's shoppers that truly influence their friends' style and buying choices

With Gramercy, you set how much you pay your shoppers when they Instagram your brand. Some brands pay famous instagrammers by how many followers they have. This is an out-of-date metric. With Gramercy, you pay when someone engages with a photo of your brand or follows your brand's Instagram.

As a brand, you set your rates in for the form of cents per like and dollars per new follower paid out in store credit to your shoppers. Gramercy handles everything from here - we notify your shoppers of your offer, track when they Instagram a photo and tag your brand, and send them a coupon with the right amout. Every month, Gramercy takes a 20% fee of the month's total coupons issued (minimum of 1¢/like, $1/follower).

Free to download - monthly fee based on usage

Client Reviews (1)

Doesn't work and no answer to emails about 1 year ago by Kate Collins

I installed this app thinking it would be great but after installation, not one of my customers have had the option to use this. I contacted Gramercy advising of the error and seeking their help....still no response. Very disappointing.