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Become the Company Your B2B Customers Love to Order From

Handshake is the leading B2B commerce platform for growing manufacturers and distributors selling to retail stores and other businesses. Connect your BigCommerce store to Handshake and immediately transform your wholesale business with:

Handshake Rep

A mobile sales app for reps selling at tradeshows and customer appointments. Works both online and offline. Rich customer order history, product and pricing data on hand. Eliminate data entry with paperless order writing. Ship orders in hours instead of days.

Handshake Direct Online

Your B2B eCommerce portal and B2B marketing destination. Empower retailers to do business with you more often. Streamline your process to reduce order time. Eliminate service calls for pricing and availability.

Handshake Direct Mobile

A dedicated mobile commerce app for your B2B buyers. Save time by allowing at-the-shelf ordering. Scan barcodes or search for products to quickly build orders on the go. Works both online and offline.

Advanced B2B Functionality

Handshake and BigCommerce work together for B2B merchants who need:

  1. Dedicated apps for sales reps in the field with seamless integration between sales rep and buyer ordering workflows, such as quoting and approvals.
  2. Advanced pricing management for B2B needs like customer-specific and customer-group pricing, quantity price breaks and complex ERP pricing systems.
  3. Bulk order entry workflows to support fast, accurate order entry by buyers and sales reps, instant reordering based on order history and uploading of products to the shopping cart from a CSV file.
  4. Advanced B2B ordering capabilities including orders split across multiple delivery dates and locations, and support for seasonal catalogs with independent content and pricing.
  5. Robust inventory support including multiple warehouses, inventory dislay rules, backorder prevention, and restock dates.
  6. Sophisticated promotion and businesss rule support to ensure sales programs, marketing promotions and operational rules are executed flawlessly.
  7. Territory management to assign sales reps, sales managers and their customer accounts to your sales territories.

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