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Helpjuice is easy-to-use knowledge base software that guarantees 50% less support emails and more happy customers.

To get started with scaling your support with our knowledge base platform, all you have to do is paste a line of javascript in a Big Commerce Page and link to it.

Why use Helpjuice over Zendesk/ ?

  • Super-smart search: Our Instant Search that knows what you are looking for, before you're even done typing
  • Customized to look like your site: Your KB should look & feel like the rest of your site - Helpjuice is super flexible, and we'll even customize it for you, for free!
  • Insightful Analytics: Our Will Tell You Exactly What People REALLY Want To Find On Your Knowledge Base, And What The Most Commonly Searches Are

With customers such as the US Government, Walmart, Hertz, Stanford, we're LOVED by startups & small e-commerces. Here's what they think:

"We love Helpjuice. It streamlined the administration of our knowledge base. Can't recommend this product enough for those who need a more structured knowledge base for their customers"

- Adam Aronson, CEO @ Lilitab

"The other site (we tried Zendesk & Helpscout), didn't ever really look like, ours. Now, our Help center, completely looks ours and that's really huge to the whole magic of it."- Brian Hahn, CEO @ HelloNomad

"BEST customer service I've gotten in a long, long, long time. Very easy to set up. Really user-friendly! As a small business owner, I had sticker-shock at first, but quickly got over it as soon as I saw how much money it was going to save us. A money-back guarantee doesn't hurt my confidence in the product, either. Thanks, HelpJuice!"

- Anastasia Zack @ AtelierCeleste

$99 / month
Free trial
14 days

Client Reviews (1)

Great Customer Service over 3 years ago by VistaVapors Support

Any problems or questions were answered promptly. Great app that has helped decrease redundant questions to our customer service team.