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Client Reviews (7)
  • The eCommerce Automation Platform for thriving online retailers
  • Drive efficiency and improve margins by eliminating manual back-end tasks and labor
  • Manage inventory and route orders through multiple third-party distributors, drop- costs, plus take your error rates to nearly zero shippers, and fulfillment centers.

The Order Lifecycle Automation Platform

  • Full automation, comprehensive automation for inventory management, Intelligent Order Routing™ and shipment tracking – the core elements key to growing your business.
  • Program options that cut your costs from day 1 and grow with your business. HubLogix' pricing is straightforward, value-driven and determined by your use of the platform.

Inventory Management

  • Normalize your inventory data across all locations and update BigCommerce in real time
  • Match vendor or warehouse stock quantities to your listed store products by using SKU, MPN or UPC.

Intelligent Order Routing™

  • Generate and instantly route purchase orders to any distributor (drop-shipper, fulfillment center, warehouse, retail locations, etc.) in any format.
  • Platform intelligently builds and routes purchase orders based on your business logic - availability, cost, priority, location, etc.

Shipment Tracking

  • Automatically mark orders as shipped after they're successfully fulfilled by your distributor
  • Track each line item separately; greater accuracy in sending shipment confirmation emails to customers.

Our Investment in Your Business

  • Service quality trumps any "instant solution". We provide our Assisted Onboarding Program for clients to ensure prompt and accurate launch with our platform. Best of all, the investment of the AOP program – including account creation, storefront and first distributor implementation, technical setup and testing, and more - is paid by HubLogix.
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Client Reviews (7)

Amazing, I actually like to manage my site's invenotry now! by Jamel
As someone that has multiple dropship suppliers...ecommhub site is a godsend. Initially I had problems with items out of stock. To circumvent I had to go into each supplier download their spreadsheet and update the stock in my bigcommerce manually store one by one. Now I just have to go in to download the spreadsheets, upload them to eccomchub, and eccomhub updates my stock in Bigcommerce automatically!! Yea, as far as I am concerned ecommhub is the second coming of Christ…as an entrprenuer there are few products that I come across and think to myself why in the heck didn’t I think of that..well they sure fit the bill. Perfect? no..nothing out there is. Can work on support, yes but I think they are working on that. But yet, I am memorized with how much it makes my life easier. I can't wait until their stock download is out of beta. Imagine, I will be able to download my stock in big commerce cvs format and then simply import to big commerce instead of creating that spreadsheet manually when I want to add new stock to my site...I like it and you will too.
Awesome Customer Service by Tyler Patzel
I worked with 5 different people from this company when I was working on getting our integration set up. Every single one was eager to help and super professional. Would recommend to any BC customer based on this alone.
AMAZING Service and GREAT app by Konstantinos
These guys know what they're doing, and there's a good reason BigCommerce recommends their app as one of the top to use for drop shipping and order fulfillment. Their service has been NON-STOP awesomesauce since we first started with them, and we don't even have a huge product offering yet. As we build our line, I'm sure they will continue to give great support. Every time we needed something, the support team was there for us, and the issue was resolved with commitment and ease. There is no reason to use any other company besides eCommHub for your drop shipping and order fulfillment needs.
Game-Changer for Dropshippers by Dave
This app is amazing and so are the people at Ecommhub. I have completed my trial and become a customer and couldn't be happier. This app is arguably the most well-spent cost of running my business. As a dropshipper, nothing is worse than getting an order, and then finding out your supplier is out of stock. Well if you have a decent supplier who will provide inventory levels to you, this scenario no longer exists! I call this a game-changer for me and my business and literally mark the time before Ecommhub and after, like before Christ and After Christ, it is that much of a difference to me! I have begun to weed out my vendors who can't supply me inventory, as now this has become the "new normal" for me. Ecommhub offers the best possible customer experience to my customers and there is no turning back from that. They also support multiple storefronts and Amazon and their pricing is more than fair. Lastly, I must also mention how great the team is over there. I had a lot of issues and questions during my trial and the team was all over everything and resolved any issue I had. If you are a dropshipper- get this app now!
Super time saver, and Back Order Eliminator by John
If you're just purely drop-shipping items, and need to keep your inventory synced with your vendor, this is a no brainer. If you've got to keep up with inventory at both your warehouse (2 of our own in our case) as well as the inventory from your vendor (possibly more than 1), eCommhub makes even more sense. We had a few issues at first b/c the feed one vendor provided did not exactly fall into one of eCommhubs preferred formats. I was able to cut and paste their feed into a Google doc, or excel sheet, and update it that way, but it just wasn't as seamless as I wanted. I contacted the guys at eCommhub, and they confirmed it wasn't a compatible feed, but that they'd take on the task of automating the task for a small fee. It did turn out to be quite a small fee, and the results were quick and amazing! I had little problem with the fee, but if it was offered for free to paying customers, I'd argue many customers would hang around much longer. Hourly updates of inventory from both our warehouses as well as from my vendor keep us from having back-orders. If you're selling online, you know back-orders are not a fun thing in the world of retail e-commerce, especially if you have not provided previous notice to the customer. As far as support goes, I've had a much different experience than the what Chad has had below. I've been a customer since June 2013, and have had nothing short of a positive experience. After I've had an issue (ie: vendor changing feed w/out notice, etc.), or question about a feature, they've done follow ups to insure we got our issues solved. One of my favorite features is that fact that it can handle multiple sites. We have several sites, all with many of the same products, and it keeps them all in sync. Beautiful! -John
The best app I got for BigCommerce yet by Greg
Ecommhub proved to be a gamechanger for our business as we looked to streamline the operational process behind transaction submissions and order fulfillment. Prior to being introduced to the app, we've been stuck in a nightmare situation where the cost of manually processing incremental orders was higher then the profit associated with generating those orders. With ecommhub, we should now be able to spend time thinking about growing the business and completely automate the processing vs. worry about tracking number spreadsheets. The ecommhub team has been extremely helpful and responsive. They've bent over backwards in customizing the onboarding experience and invested time and energy into producing custom fulfillment assets that fit the needs of our order process. I look forward to growing our relationship with them.
Good Product Potential..Support Bad by Chad
This product has great potential to work well with Big Commerce customers. However, there is zero phone numbers for support and I have had a 2-3 days of constantly emailing their support to get help when things are not syncing correctly. I have worked with them for quite sometime and will continue to but they do need to pick up their game in regards to support.