Hurrify - Countdown Timer

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Hurrify is a countdown timer app for your sales pages. Put You Clients Under Pressure To Buy Now Knowing That Sale Will End Soon!

Hurrify Gives you the ability to create different kind of timers options.

Option 1: Raw text with a timer

This is the simplest form. To preview this option please click here =>

Option 2: Sold number with progress bar

In this option you set the initial sold number, then with every sale Hurrify will increment the sold number automatically. To preview this option please click here =>

Option 3: Left In Stock number

This option will show how much left in stock. Make sure you set the real inventory number before you turn on this option. Preview here =>

Option 4: Decreasing Left In Stock

While option 3 tracks the real inventory number, this option here decreases automatically to form some kind of urgency on your customers. Preview here =>

Option 5: Increasing Sold number

Similar to option 4, but it increases instead of decreasing. Preview here =>

$8.99 / month
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