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inkFrog is the #1 app for eBay sellers, since 1999.

  • List your Bigcommerce products to eBay in minutes
  • Sync inventory to and from Bigcommerce
  • Manage your entire eBay business from one app
  • List to eBay using our incredible template builder
  • Manage multiple eBay id's from one app
  • List to any eBay channel including,,,,,,, and more
  • Cloud "forever" storage for all your listings and data
  • Auto relist and other post sale rules
  • Complete order and customer manager
  • Send/receive eBay messages directly from inside the app
  • Create profiles for extremely quick listing
  • So much more...

We manage tens of millions of dollars in GMV for our sellers and are an eBay Certified Solutions Provider. Our app is the only eBay app that manages your entire eBay business from listing and re-listing to order management. It's the app that over ten thousand eBay sellers rely on daily - and now we've made it work seamlessly with Bigcommerce.

Client Reviews (34)

Super application for Ebay about 5 days ago by
Great and Easy Setup...Very well organized to list on Ebay...No complications...they have good options also..customers service is fast to reply....Intergration with bigcommerce is excellent...Customers who is having probleme with this app, because they dont know how to use it, you need to learn and navigate this app and option, give it some time and you not regret this, thank you
Website crashed and all my prices changed about 10 days ago by
Website crashed and all my prices changed and photos. Couldn't update them because they were fixing their website. Lost business :/
Great when it works about 1 month ago by Imaginations Costume & Dance
((UPDATE)) I recently started working with Amazon and was looking at other integration apps. I take back ALL of my complaints about InkFrog. Seriously these people want hundreds of dollars and can't handle new products or product options like sizing or colors? I wish InkFrog had an app for Amazon!! I can deal with its slow load times and bits of random issues when it is so very affordable and has all the features I NEED to publish my inventory to eBay!! ((old review)) Works great when it works. The issue is it randomly goes down and then I am sat with everything spinning not being able to continue working on adding items (for hours). Support does respond but no one seems to know what the issue is. We do have thousands of products. It does import orders, however it seems to mix the sizing around when posting on eBay and when I remove options or move it around to be in order, it resets it back to their messy organization (its not like that on the site!) Overall, it needs a lot of work but its a nice app.
inkfrog 5 months ago by
poor, slow to respond to communication, sales updates from ebay link running 2 to 7 days late, lot of information corruption
Not loving it 7 months ago by
Takes a while (time I don't have) to figure out how to use it. Then when the products are imported from Bigcommerce, I had to go through every single one to put them to the correct Ebay category and complete other Ebay fields. Took days! Then at the end, I could only list 5 products on Ebay with the free plan. Days gone down the drain right away. It also has the weird way of switching the currencies product pricing during item set up and freezing up. Seemed easier to just go to Ebay and list directly in the end. Gonna uninstall.
Crazy Customer Service! 8 months ago by
I am in online business dealing with tons of software,hopelessly opened a ticket reply received in 2 min. and they fixed all the errors i was dealing and helped me from A-Z.just fantastic.i wish all companies are like this! Thank you
Solved All My Problems 9 months ago by
InkFrog is simple to use and has a clean user-interface. Some basic improvements would make this app undeniably the best on the market especially for the price. All you have to do is sync you're store then launch & list to ebay and you're done. So far support has been great I sent them an email and within an hour I had a response not only solving my problem but they included a link if I needed to be walked through the process. If InkFrog makes it possible to sync more information between InkFrog and Big Commerce such as variation details I'd give it 5/5
Love It about 1 year ago by

I've been using InkFrog for a while now and even migrated to a paid plan I love it so much. InkFrog is pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it, the videos on youtube are very helpful, and really helped supplement my sales early on when my website was still hurting for traffic. Support is pretty good too.

BEST APP EVER about 1 year ago by

Inkfrog is an AWESOME App to use between Ebay and Bigcommerce. We love this app and really is so easy to use. Tech support is OUTSTANDING. Super fast responses and Very Complete Answers.

Great App about 1 year ago by

This is a great app. Once you get the hang of it, its very easy and works perfectly.

Inkfrog support is nonexistent ! about 1 year ago by

Like so many others on here, I've had nothing but problems with inkfrog and their lack of customer support. Apparently, "Char" is the only customer service rep there and unfortunately, has been absolutely useless! My latest problem involved the new Inkfrog Open which is an absolute nightmare to work with! Char's response to my multiple requests for help (since they didn't respond to the first few requests), was, "I'm sorry, we do not provide any technical assistance." When I asked about a free trial of Inkfrog Open, I was told she wasn't allowed to offer that either.

Inkfrog Classic is an absolute nightmare to work with as well. Nothing but problems. Our ebay listings disappear, images are missing, product information is missing, bulk changes don't work many times, website slows down to the point it's impossible to work on, and again, customer support is a joke!

My advice, save your time and money and find a better solution! There's plenty of companies out there that care about our business and will provide excellent customer service and support and Inkfrog is simply not one of those companies! 

Bait and switch about 1 year ago by

InkFrog lured in BigCommerce users and then switched their service from free to paid after listings were already posted to eBay. This would not be so bad if their service was not still in beta, as it remains to have many bugs that are problematic when integrated with BC. When attempting to resolve the multiple issues with InkFrog they provided work-arounds that basically remove the integration, at which point what is the point of having them. If not integrated with your store then you are just paying for another store system for which there are already better alternatives out there. 

The main reason I added them was their product works with eBay Motors while BC's own integration currently does not. Now I am back at square one with 25 eBay listings stranded on eBay that must be manually edited or maintained. Once InkFrog pulled the carpet out from under their subscribers the only way to get back in to recover the templates or content is to pay the ransom. Their new free offering (2 listings) excludes the templates originally set up which leaves your listings completely dysfunctional. 

Hopefully BigCommerce does the same to this partner and pulls their support for them. The product is a beta test at best and their integration is a mess for your existing store. Their product would be worthwhile if everything worked including the integration. If you happen to use other integrations for shipping and payment portals you are in for even more surprises. InkFrog completely fails to pass relevant order information to either third party shippers or payment systems (Paypal) so you are left manually matching order information. Overall this app is just a hot mess. For now I recommend staying clear of InkFrog until they get their act together. 

Fantastic App! about 1 year ago by Dave and Peggy Green

Greetings from The Creature Zone

If you sell on eBay as a business, the Inkfrog App is such a time saver when you sell any kind of product volume. Here at The Creature Zone, we drop ship all of our new products to our customers, and as a result, we do not stock our items. It used to take hours to update our inventory in our eBay store. Now, it takes minutes, with a lot of time saved. We highly recommend using this app if you have a lot of inventory to update every day.

Dave Green - The Creature Zone

The Dogs ! about 1 year ago by Paul

Easy to use. It does excactly what is says on the tin...

Best App for selling on ebay about 1 year ago by Richard Sault

Been using InkFrog for a while and although not 100% perfect all the time with sync between Bigcommerce and ebay it's nearly perfect and it's also Free! Best app found and has made a big difference to multi channel selling while being in control of the business and inventory.

Awesome! I've been looking for this for years! about 1 year ago by

This app has made my life a lot easier.  The integration is flawless, the templates are perfect, the interface is intuitive and within minutes I can have hundreds of listings cross-posted to eBay.  I've had no issues with this app at all.

Very Slow about 1 year ago by
This app has sync issues on a regular basis and the server is very slow. To much time wasted if you have more then 50 products. We have thousands. :(
Perfect about 1 year ago by

I had issues at first and was unable to contact support. But wow these guys are amazing. This product is perfect and does everything perfectly. The development team fix bugs quickly and are open to features / ideas.

bad about 1 year ago by Lee Buchanan

This app made a complete mess of all my shipping policies I already had on eBay, took hours to rectify.

Help my store about 1 year ago by Popular

Finally, an App that will save me so much time! over 2 years ago by Ella Lim

I chance upon this app while I was searching at the bigcommerce app collection. And among other ëbay listers I tried , this is the best so far. I had a huge problem on neglecting my ebay store because of failing to upload all my products and maintaining the correct inventory, but after a few trial and error, I was able to make it work properly, still learning the app, but so far, it has improved my ebay revenues, Just looking forward to more improvbements on the app regarding the variants but because of the great customer service they have, I bet they will be working on these in the near future. Very happy to have found this app!!

GREAT APP! Amazing tech support all the way over 2 years ago by Russel D'Souza

Give this FREE app a try and you won't regret it i promise! Nothing to lose. Was a bit frustrating at first but it was because " i " was new to the app. Give it some time. Learn it well and it will save you money just as it has now saved us over $800 by not paying a Web designer. I used one of their custom templates and my listings on eBay look very professional. On the bright side my sales increased within 3 days and i'm quite positive it was because of the very professional look it gave my listings. Any issues i had i got my questions answered fairly quickly from the tech team! This app makes editing my listing's price or description or pictures super fast thorugh this app. It saves us so much time! After the 1 month FREE trial i will be using them consistently year round!

Frustratingly bad software over 2 years ago by

I have never encountered such a poor piece of software. Creating listings is extremely convoluted and time consuming. When I finally manage to create listings inkFrog randomly sends the listings to different categories in my eBay store, even when I create listings in batches all going to the same category. Plus most listings fail as inkFrog imports product images but does not upload the to eBay.  BigCommerce, please please please improve the built-in eBay listing tool.

Bigcommerce import limited to 50 variants. over 2 years ago by

My Bigcommerce store have multi items with over 100 variants. Inkforg software can only import 50 variants out of 141 variants from an item. The rest are left out. I had import and import again. And the result are to same. I have sent a message to a help desk for over a week and no response to resolve the problem. I believe this software are for store with few variants. It's no work for store with many variants.

Love it! over 2 years ago by

Great way to quickly send my products to eBay.

Sync fails to work over 2 years ago by

after updating prices in BC and then sync to ebay via Ink frog it only updated a number of items. Many items did not sync. As a result of the prices not updating an item was sold on eBay with a much lower margin than what I have in BC. Doesn't come with a manual or help.

Pretty Good over 2 years ago by Kurt D

I'll probably start using this for all my eBay accounts whether I use bigcommerce or not.  The only thing it doesn't do is bring the ebay orders into bigcommerce which would be huge. 

Struggling with listing - multiple errors over 2 years ago by Matt Meraz

I've tried listing multiple products - all of them are giving me errors.  These products worked fine with the Big Commerce Integration - right now it just seems like a lot of extra work.

Excellent! over 2 years ago by

I've used inkfrog before and loved it.  Excited to integrate it in my store.

GREAT over 2 years ago by

Been using this for a week. Works Great! Still learning, I find it easier than eBay

Finally! A good little eBay add-on for Bigcommerce over 2 years ago by

Great free App and definitely a must have if you are an eBay seller, not too difficult to get your head around and aslong as you have your data all set correctly in Bigcommerce it just does its thing, can only get better.

Great eBay App over 2 years ago by

Update: Beware of eBay insertion fees. Due to automatic relisting, I was charged insertion fees without any sell. No issued with this app but this is general advise to eBay sellers.

When I started with app it was not working due to eBay blocked at my workplace. Tried at home and it was working fantastic. Once you create various profiles it's very easy and quick to list on eBay. Highly recommended for eBay sellers.

​UPDATE! Omg! Great App! over 2 years ago by Hunters Emporium

This app is incredible. After one year of searching for the perfect fit for my store, I finally have peace of mind knowing that my eBay inventory is up to date. There is obviously a learning curve like everything else, but I now have the hang of it. I have been using inkFrog for about 2 months now and they have taken my suggestions and implemented them very quickly. I am very impressed with the customer service and developers and their willingness to continue to take suggestions in order to improve the app for their customers. Try the free trial! You will be so happy you did!

Fantastic! over 2 years ago by

It took me a while to figure out how to use this, but now I am able to get items from Bigcommerce to ebay quickly and easily. First, import items from Bigcommerce into the inkfrog store connector. Then import Bigcommerce items from the store connector into the inkfrog library. The ebay category is specified in your inkfrog Listing Profiles. If necessary, you can unlink the Listing Profile and manually set the correct ebay category and ebay store category before sending to ebay.