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  • Shoppers using search are on average 4X more likely to buy
  • Great Search can boost conversion by 30-150% over average search
  • Product Recommendations increases sales up to 30%

Your visitors would get personalized, relevant product and query suggestions - from the first character they type. The clear, concise auto-complete suggestions attract visitor attention to products that match what they are looking for.

InstantSearch+ is a Multi-User App!

· Both merchant and agency or developer can access the app

Self Service App

· No Development, No Setup Fees, No Annual Contract.

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Join RC Planet, Woodbury Outfitters, Sam's Furniture and thousands of other merchants that are already using us on BigCommerce.

All-in-one solution, InstantSearch+ is the most advanced and fastest search app for your ecommerce store.

Client Reviews (22)

Great out of the box. about 16 days ago by
Easy set up and easy customization. Great set of reports in the analytic section as well.
Great Search, Even better Support about 30 days ago by
The search functionality is best in class. The speed is what brought me to look at the app, but the support and easy customization is what is setting them apart from the rest.
Great Search App and Excellent Customer Service about 1 month ago by
Incredibly easy to use and powerful search app and their support team is very responsive and knowledgable. I wish we would have signed up sooner! Many thanks!
App and Service about 1 month ago by
A robust search platform that is very easy to use at an affordable price. Customer service and technical support is the best I've experience in the app world. Thanks you all for taking care of our business!
The Best Search App on this Platform 3 months ago by
I'm more than happy to write this review for the Instant Search team. The app itself it competitively priced and functions well. Where it stands above apps like findify who are the only other really strong competitors is the support. They implemented many design scripts for free, findify tried to bill me $375. The monthly charge is also much cheaper for the same features of findify. Specifically I'd like to thank Ed Mellone as he's a massive credit to the Instant Search team and so knowledgeable but not condescending with helping. Again findify weren't at all approachable in this way. Big thanks!
Solid Search, Great Support 3 months ago by
InstantSearch+ is a big improvement on the out-of-the-box search functionality offered by BigCommerce. It provides a lot of control over search results and a lot of options for customization for look and feel. Their support team is excellent and willing to go above-and-beyond to help.
Very powerful app - truly amazing! 5 months ago by
Truly amazing solution that is very easy to install and customize. The level of support you get is by far the best in the industry! Not only do they respond fast, but they will go out of their way to provide you with the right solution. Can't say enough good things about the product and people behind InstantSearch+
Incredible solution, more incredible support 5 months ago by
This is a seriously incredible app. The options are almost limitless, the tools to power and drive your solution to a new level is literally at your finger tips. Very smart and intuitive interface. I have been amazed and their level of support and willingness to customize my site to adopt to our theme. It really is a great company behind this very unique and powerful solution. What is your hesitation? Install, customize as your liking and reach out to their team. It's incredibly top-notch. Thank you everyone at InstantSearch+! Really amazing!!!
Amazing App 5 months ago by
Just what we were looking for. Amazing app that is super easy to install and works like a charm! Highly recommend. A++
Should have signed up sooner 5 months ago by http://gamedaysportsmemorabiliacom
I really wish I would have signed up sooner. The flexibility this search app provides has made search on my site actually function properly. The out of the box Big Commerce search works OK if you use SKU that are just numbers. Some of our SKU have names or words in them which really messes up the out of the box Big Commerce search as it gives highest priority to the SKU field. Instant Search lets you decide which fields get the higher priority, night and day difference. Product installation and setup was a breeze, took like 5 minutes and it was almost already indexed on over 13,000 products. Product Support has been fast and helpful
An Amazing Search App 6 months ago by Brown Bookshop
We have used this app across all of our stores and it is fantastic. It usually works out of the box, and support is great if there are issues. It's worth it to go through the process of setting this app up on your store, because it greatly enhances the user experience.
Awesome support 7 months ago by Yukiko Ikeda
I had a problem with searching product by variant level SKU, but InstantSearch+ Team quickly took a look at and solved it very next day. Which made me have a confidence to start using this app.
Great customer service 8 months ago by
Great App. The search function option are much better and easier to manage than our previous service. Customer support has been great in fixing issues that have come up. My recommendation would be to contact support whenever you have an issue or get stuck on something. They will figure it out and fix the problem. Been great for us so far.
They are patient and kind and very helpful and work with you until the problem is solved! They are excellent! 8 months ago by
A really BIG BIG Thank you to the InstantSearch+ team for providing an excellent solution to the pitiful product search function we USED to have. We now have a really GREAT search function so that you can EASILY find whatever "Particulars" in PEARLS YOU are interested in @Naughton Braun​. They make Searching Simplified and are patient and a pleasure to work with!
Cool 8 months ago by
Tried it out and it has potential for sure.
Did not Work !!! 9 months ago by
I have the "BlackBeauty" BluePrint Theme that has a black background. I have images with white backgrounds. Before the IntantSearch+ install everything looked nice. Once I installed IS+ and tested - OMG, the search results looked horrible. I uninstalled very quickly and email Instant Search+. I have not heard anything back yet. Heard back from IS+ suggesting the need for customized code which they provided and they also offered assistance in installing the special code. I made a business decision that I could not risk future support issues with such a highly customize situation. What happens with theme upgrades, a theme change, or a change at InstantSearch+. The highly customized code route is not for me. Try this software, but test immediately.
Excellent Service 10 months ago by Jamie Tidrick
Smart app with a lot of features. I had an issue getting it to function properly and they were able to help me set it up. Works great! Way better than the built in Bigcommerce search functionality. The reporting is amazing too.
Best app 10 months ago by
awesome customer service!
Very Pleased! 10 months ago by
We tried a few other search apps and they weren't quite right. Instant Search+ works great!
A Great app and Easy to Configure 12 months ago by
In an nutshell, InstantSearch+ has been great for our BigCommerce site. We had some challenges to overcome with our data, titles, and search strings, and InstantSearch+ gave us a solution to those challenges. We were looking for something to improve customer experience with searching our store, as the built in search from BigCommerce is very lacking for our needs. The auto complete, along with actual accurate results, have increased our conversion rates. We are utilizing the SmartNavigation+, replacing the BigCommerce category navigation, and our preferred partner that was designing and implementing our theme was impressed on how good it looked and how well it worked. The team over at InstantSearch+ has been super helpful with support. While the documentation might be a bit lacking, they have been prompt with responses to issues, and very helpful during the on boarding and setup process. If you are not interested in customization of the look and feel of your search results like we did, what is provided out of the box will be very acceptable for most sites. We opted to go heavily customized as we have the team and man power to do so. It took about a week of configuration and development, and a few bugs being fixed on the InstantSearch+ side, but we are up and running! Pricing is very reasonable for the service and support you get. We were an already established store and company moving to the BigCommerce platform from Magento, so we already had an idea of what we needed and what our search level might be like. If you are a smaller store, I would still highly recommend this app. If you are enterprise level like ourselves, they are great, and will be able to help you overcome some issues that every company might have with their data and search capability. Once again, I'd highly recommend InstantSearch+. The platform and the support team have been stellar, and the price I do not think can be beat by any competitor.
A game changer app! about 1 year ago by
Very easy to use, yet with a lot of options and features.
Love it! about 1 year ago by
awesome search experience. Cannot uninstall after my trial period.