Instant Search + Site Search and Navigation

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Boost Conversion with Search & Recommendations

  • Shoppers using search are on average 4X more likely to buy
  • Great Search can boost conversion by 30-150% over average search
  • Product Recommendations increases sales up to 30%
  • InstantSearch+ delivers a superior shopping experience and boosts conversion for merchants by combining search, merchandising, collection navigation, and product recommendations across phones, tablets and desktops.

    Your visitors would get personalized, relevant product and query suggestions - from the first character they type. The clear, concise suggestions attract visitor attention to products that match what they are looking for. Once a visitor selects a product from the list, he will get immediately to that product page.

    NEW InstantSearch+ is a Multi-User App!

    • Both merchant and agency or developer can access the app

    eCommerce Site Search

  • Engage users with lightning-fast rich autocomplete
  • Our fast, hosted search results page will not keep your shoppers waiting to see what they want to buy
  • Expand search to SKUs, product attributes, etc.
  • Refine results with auto-generated filters
  • Find results even if misspelled with autocorrect
  • Fine tune search with synonyms and redirects
  • Discover what shoppers look for with robust analytics
  • Merchandising

    Get instant control per product or search query over how your products are placed and presented to shoppers. Whether a new arrival, seasonal promotion, new collection, or different geo locations – you are in control of what shoppers see. InstantSearch+ optimizes search and merchandising to boost conversions, and our visual interface makes it easy to setup.

    Product Recommendations

    Personalized product recommendations are proven to increase conversions, cart totals, and return shoppers. With a single click you can integrate product recommendation widget to your product, cart, and home pages.

    Online Instant Search Dashboard and Terms Report

    • Usage dashboard and email reports
    • Top search suggestions - what people searched for on your BigCommerce store
    • Top products - which product suggestions were chosen
    • Top underserved searches - what people look for but cannot find

    Install & Sign-Up

    • Install InstantSearch+ app
    • Give us a few minutes to learn about your products...
    • See how your visitor conversion and user experience improves!


  • Free - $499.99 per month
  • No Setup Fees. No Annual Contract.
  • Contact us to get a quote:
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  • Client Reviews (6)

    Excellent Service about 15 days ago by Jamie Tidrick
    Smart app with a lot of features. I had an issue getting it to function properly and they were able to help me set it up. Works great! Way better than the built in Bigcommerce search functionality. The reporting is amazing too.
    Best app about 24 days ago by
    awesome customer service!
    Very Pleased! about 1 month ago by
    We tried a few other search apps and they weren't quite right. Instant Search+ works great!
    A Great app and Easy to Configure 3 months ago by
    In an nutshell, InstantSearch+ has been great for our BigCommerce site. We had some challenges to overcome with our data, titles, and search strings, and InstantSearch+ gave us a solution to those challenges. We were looking for something to improve customer experience with searching our store, as the built in search from BigCommerce is very lacking for our needs. The auto complete, along with actual accurate results, have increased our conversion rates. We are utilizing the SmartNavigation+, replacing the BigCommerce category navigation, and our preferred partner that was designing and implementing our theme was impressed on how good it looked and how well it worked. The team over at InstantSearch+ has been super helpful with support. While the documentation might be a bit lacking, they have been prompt with responses to issues, and very helpful during the on boarding and setup process. If you are not interested in customization of the look and feel of your search results like we did, what is provided out of the box will be very acceptable for most sites. We opted to go heavily customized as we have the team and man power to do so. It took about a week of configuration and development, and a few bugs being fixed on the InstantSearch+ side, but we are up and running! Pricing is very reasonable for the service and support you get. We were an already established store and company moving to the BigCommerce platform from Magento, so we already had an idea of what we needed and what our search level might be like. If you are a smaller store, I would still highly recommend this app. If you are enterprise level like ourselves, they are great, and will be able to help you overcome some issues that every company might have with their data and search capability. Once again, I'd highly recommend InstantSearch+. The platform and the support team have been stellar, and the price I do not think can be beat by any competitor.
    A game changer app! 5 months ago by
    Very easy to use, yet with a lot of options and features.
    Love it! 5 months ago by
    awesome search experience. Cannot uninstall after my trial period.