• Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $299.00/mo.

About the app

  • Centralize product data
  • Feed multiple BigCommerce store fronts and third party marketplaces such as Amazon from one product dashboard
  • Connect to back office inventory and accounting systems
  • Localize (translate) product data
  • Support multiple currencies and inventory locations
  • Support customer specific price lists

The Jasper Product Information Management system is Software as Service (SaaS) that functions as a core repository for all product information – providing one tool to centralize, merchandise, and sync product data throughout a business.

This data can be used to feed BigCommerce websites in different languages and currencies, print catalogs, ERP systems, third party marketplaces such as Amazon and trading partners. Good PIM software will help your company speed time to market, optimize merchandising, build brand equity, and ensure absolute product accuracy.

App Features

Core Product Information Management

Centralize product information in a single merchandising dashboard. Publish to multiple BigCommerce storefronts from one location automatically. Perform batch product operations to update prices, core product data, and enable and disable products.

Support Multiple Currencies and Languages

Fully localize product data within a single view of the product. Publish to multiple BigCommerce storefronts from one location using different languages or versions or the product data in different currencies or at different price points.

Integrate Third Party Marketplaces and Back Office Systems

Connect your product data to third party marketplaces such as Amazon Seller Central. Integration your back office ERP and accounting systems using the PIM REST API endpoints, web hooks and change events.

Automatically Import Existing BigCommerce Product Data

Connect to an existing BigCommerce store and populate the PIM with existing product data.

Stage Product Data and Price Releases

Pre-stage product data and product pricing for timed release on a single or multiple BigCommerce storefronts.

Case Studies

Skullcandy + BigCommerce + Jasper PIM = Huge Success!

Before implementing a PIM solution with Jasper PIM, the Skullcandy website struggled with product data management for its worldwide customers. Delivering a quality shopping experience that appealed to customers living in different countries was challenging: customers shopping from multiple storefronts didn't enjoy synchronicity of product data at the time. The platform had to support various currencies and languages, as well as updating product inventory consistently. In addition to these concerns, Skullcandy sought to make the website more compelling and to provide a more succinct, intuitive experience to satisfy all its customers. Learn how BigCommere + Jasper PIM solved these problems.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $299.00/mo.


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