• Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $99.00/mo.

About the app

  • Send beautiful, effective emails
  • Create personalized popups that are unique to each shopper
  • Send behavior-based triggers to interact with and engage shoppers in real-time

Who is Kevy?

Kevy is an email marketing automation platform designed to help customers increase revenue through personalizing the online shopping experience.

Kevy is focused entirely on the ecommerce industry, making us uniquely qualified to help you sell, convert, retain and grow.

But we're not your traditional email marketing platform. We realize that email marketing is extremely powerful, but online retailers need additional tools to create truly personalized experiences for their shoppers. Use Kevy to send relevant, timely messages through channels like:

  • Email Marketing
  • Dynamic Lists
  • Transactional and Cart Recovery Emails
  • Personalized Pop-up Offers
  • Behavior-based triggers
  • A/B Tests
  • Product Recommendations
  • Revenue Tracking

Kevy's BigCommerce connector enables you to sync data from BigCommerce directly into Kevy so you have all of your ecommerce and marketing data in one place. Every day your users are giving you data points that tell a story. Kevy helps you take action on their story to create personalized experiences for every customer.

Interested? Let us know! We would love to help you grow your business.

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    • Upfront Fee: Free
    • Recurring Fee: $99.00/mo.


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