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Get more page views per user and up to 40% more traffic and sales

Get Targeted Product Recommendations on any Page of Your Store...

  • Related Items: Cross-sell and up-sell by showing related products
    • Manual / Handpick Curation: Take control of your related items and handpick items that you know work well together.
    • Automatic Curation: Let LimeSpot engine relate your items automatically using titles, descriptions, attributes and associated tags.
    • Mixed: Handpick a set of related items and let LimeSpot curate the rest.
  • Most Popular Items: Use social proof to entice your customers with the most popular items
    • of your entire Website
    • Within a Collection.
  • Trending Items: Capitalize on quick changes on Internet landscape by showing products that are going viral.
  • Featured Items: Feature the most popular items of any collection on any page on your web-store.
  • Recently Viewed: Remind shoppers of products they have considered buying before.

Customizable Appearance to Match Your Branded Store:

  • Recommendation box appearance (Title, Width, Height, Margin and Border Radius);
  • Product picture size (Max Width, Max Height);
  • Maximum number of items on each page;
  • Auto-scroll interval option;
  • Add/remove SALES tag on your item picture;
  • Add/Remove ZOOM on product picture when mouse-over
  • Add/Remove zero decimals on your product price.

And finally, if you have more than one website, you can now publish all of your Intelligent Recommendations from your web-store on your other websites.

  • Intelligent Recommendation on your external sites;
  • Seamless integration with your web-store and inventory
  • Recommend based on shopper's profile and behavior activities.


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Client Reviews (4)

App Won't Load 9 months ago by
The app seems to have potential, but after the first use, the app won't load at all.
Love it! 12 months ago by
Great app with lots of customization and excellent customer support. Very beneficial for our store and for our customers. Totally recommend it.
Great Recommendations at an affordable price about 1 year ago by
Support from the team made this a super easy app to setup. Get some really targeted personalised recommendations for each person. The perfect way to increase sales and average order value. Thanks!
Great app to increase your sales. about 1 year ago by
This app has improved the look and feel of our site and has driven sales. LimeSpot is easy to setup and customize and their customer support has been excellent. I would definitely recommend LimeSpot to anyone looking to improve their e-commerce site.