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Connect your shopping carts and marketplaces to easy-to-use order fulfillment and inventory software. With Logistico, you have the flexibility to process eCommerce orders using your own warehouse or outsource fulfillment to a trusted third party logistics provider.

Outsource Order Fulfillment: If handling your inventory and shipment details is not a part of your business plan, leave it to the professionals by using Logistico. We will introduce you to a partner that will manage your inventory and process orders. Access information on inventory and shipments in real-time.

Fulfill Your Own Orders: Revolutionize your inventory, fulfillment and accounting operations. The Distribution System is an affordable and easy-to-implement ERP solution for online retailers. Tie inventory, shipping and accounting together to get a complete picture of your business.

Complete Control: When an item is sold, the inventory levels are automatically updated across online stores. Tracking information is sent to the customer making the order. Save time responding to requests by giving your customers the information they need. Eliminate the manual data entry and guesswork with Logistico.

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