Loyalis (Rewards Program + Business Intelligence)

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Loyalis is a point-based rewards program with an integrated business intelligence dashboard to help you grow sales.

Loyalis is used by top merchants on Bigcommerce to reward customers in a unique way, while being the only solution to track financial, social and engagement data to build out a business intelligence dashboard.

Our unique dashboard helps better understand your customers and more efficiently allocate marketing budgets to attract, engage and retain your best customers.

One of the analysis shown on our business intelligence dashboard is the ROI of different social networks, so you'll know which networks are used by your top customers, and prepare a more effective marketing plan.

Our merchants achieve incremental revenue lift of 33%, thanks to our BI dashboard filled with actionable data.

We are very proud of the insights shown by our BI dashboard, which has helped some of our merchants achieve incremental revenue lift in millions of dollars.

However, it is important to understand that the key is in gathering the required data as much as analyzing them for insights.

The data on customer behavior is gathered through our rewards program, which tracks rewarded customer activity, specifically:

  • Frequent purchases are rewarded with points to show your appreciation, which brings them back – increasing sales dramatically.
  • Product reviews are rewarded to generate unique textual content on product pages – helping your SEO.
  • Referring friends to buy and share (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter) is rewarded to bring new customers and multiply sales with zero investment.
  • Newsletter subscriptions are rewarded to increase your email marketing list which helps drive email conversions.
  • Frequent visits are rewarded to motivate your customers to explore your product offering – increasing customer value.

Get in touch and we'll analyze your customer data and provide actionable insights to grow revenue. Email support@loyalis.co for any questions you might have.

$79 / month
Free trial
15 days

Client Reviews (8)

The worst programe , same the customer service 10 months ago by ham...com http://www.dibagworld.com
Hi, the customer service is totally unreachable and they will not respond to any email. they already charged our credit card for $75 and the app is not working. stay away from them.
Amazing Value and great service over 2 years ago by ed@...com http://www.sharkmotorcycleaudio.com

I have used this great service for over a year. The program takes a few minutes to set up. The customer service is better then great. They seem to respond within seconds 24/7. The service is good because it gets customers to come back again and again and it also builds your brands. This service rewards your best customers and thats how it should be. Ed Rosenberg

A solid loyalty program for BigCommerce stores over 3 years ago by ask...com

The app was easy to setup and having past customer orders imported to allow existing customers to get points sparked redemption of rewards. It is almost a no-brainer to continue using the app after the trial period. Thank you!

SImple, easy, and it works! over 3 years ago by Chr...com

After trying a few alternative apps, Loyalis has been a winner for our business. Setup was a breeze. We have already noticed that clients are using the system, conversion rates are up and facebook activity has improved. We were able to import previous orders which stimulated repeat customers coming back to the site and buying again.

Five Stars! over 3 years ago by Tod...com

This reward points app is tightly integrated into Bigcommerce. It is easy to set up and easy for the  customer to use. I like it a lot.

Perfect and easy to use! over 3 years ago by jam...com

I love this app. It so easy to set up, easy to use and love the way it works. It really makes a difference! So worth it.

Great extension, awesome support! over 3 years ago by jas...com

I love this extension. The functionality is awesome and the support team is terrific. I could not more highly recommend.

Easily the best loyalty program app on Bigcommerce! over 3 years ago by dra...com

This is the only loyalty app I've used that actually makes my customers more engaged. I really love their dashboard which allows me to see it's effect on my bottom line in real-time, as well as what motivates each individual customer (and use that knowledge to modify my marketing efforts accordingly). Soon after installing Loyalis I got an email from Dragan who was kind enough to show me around and help me install the app - which was very easy as they use my customers' past purchase behavior to create optimal rewards for my customers, which I find really neat!