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About the app

Are you using a Bigcommerce image zoom app? It's time you started!

Magic Zoom Plus is a 2-in-1 product zoom which allows customers to see every detail of the products you're selling. Hover any product image to reveal a gorgeous close-up view; Click and your product fills the screen - perfect for all handheld devices.

Choose from 4 different image zoom effects

Study images close-up with a round magnifying glass. Prefer the classic zoom? Choose from side zoom or internal zoom to reveal every detail of your products. Or select the Preview mode for fast image previews at a specified size.

Sounds good, right? Wait, there's more.

Magic Zoom Plus displays thumbnails in the full-screen view for easy browsing; Works on all the latest web browsers; Supports all iOS and Android devices and uses pinch-to-zoom gestures too. Also, as you know any Bigcommerce image gallery benefits from using Product Options, and Magic Zoom Plus supports Product Options out of the box.

This Bigcommerce zoom app is a huge asset to any ecommerce store, but that's only one reason to install Magic Zoom Plus. The other reason? Our super fast support! Customers love our quick response time. Any question, however big or small, will be answered in hours.

Support for all Themes

If this Bigcommerce image zoom doesn't automatically work with your theme, let us know! We'll add support to any theme (free of charge).

For a hassle free experience with maximum impact, try the 30-day free trial now!

App Features

Immersive fullscreen mode

As screen sizes get smaller and smaller, the enlarged view of Magic Zoom Plus gets better and better. Simply click to reveal stunning full-screen view of each product.

For product images larger than the screen size, a zoomable option is automatically available to the shopper. So no matter which handheld device customers are using, they will always see a deep zoom of your item.

Displays thumbnails in the full-screen view for easy browsing

To save customers time, Magic Zoom Plus displays each product thumbnail image as part of the enlarged view. Shoppers effortlessly switch between each image either by tapping the thumbnail or swiping main image left/right, making browsing a quick & enjoyable experience.

Responsive design to naturally fit your page better than ever

Product images look amazing on any device thanks to the responsive design of Magic Zoom Plus. Wether displayed on a desktop or mobile device, every image instinctively scales down/up to perfectly fit the users screen size.

Add product videos to your image gallery

This product image zoom app supports YouTube videos and Vimeo videos out-of-the-box for all Stencil theme users. Add any YouTube or Vimeo url to an image description in your product and the videos will immediately display as part of the product image gallery. Customers then switch seamlessly between product images and product videos for an immersive shopping experience. The ultimate product gallery combination!

Display 360 product spins too

Rotate products 360 degrees to view each product from every angle. Spins are served from the Sirv 360 image platform. Simply enter your Sirv account details in our app and follow the instructions.

Case Studies

Deep zoom

The guys at Pinto Ranch have set the Expand Zoom option to 'always'. Check the enlarged view, you'll see the boot is already zoomed in. Another option would be to have the zoom show as a 'magnifier'.

The deep zoom is made possible because the product image is larger than the screen size. The deep zoom effect automatically enables, so you don't have to think about it. (We recommend using product images of 1000+ pixels to create a detailed zoom. For a deep zoom use 1500+ pixels.)

Image caption text

eFurnitureHouse has chosen to display a unique caption text under each image in the expand view. Great for SEO! It's also possible to show the caption at the top of the zoom window too.

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  • Custom Price:
    $69 one off payment


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