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  • 100% Automated Email Marketing: built-in campaigns and customer segments, drafted & scheduled weekly newsletters
  • Personalize email content to target customers based on their interests & behavior
  • Very simple to set up and user-friendly. NO coding skills required. NO feature limits in all pricing plans

Mailbot was born your virtual email marketing assistant to do all the job while you have more time focusing on generating traffic, managing inventory, or simply sleeping or going on vacation.

08 Pre-built campaigns focus on generating sale for you.

Recover abandoned carts & bring back lost revenue

Sales Nurturing: a rule-based series of 4 targeted emails sent when customers abandon their carts and leave the site.

Build long-term customer relationship

Happy Email: sends a welcome email from store's founder to new visitors after they make the first order or sign up an account, that makes customers feel personal, special and taken care of.

Reward Coupon: rewards regular shoppers with an exclusive coupon to motivate them to return to the store and continue shopping.

Retain customers by sending personalized product recommendations

New Arrivals: detects new items to promote to customers.

Cross-sell Collection: promotes products from a collection that should be cross-sold with items your customers bought in the past.

Site-wide Recommendation: sends personalized recommended products to customers who bought or viewed some products.

Sales Return: reminds and engages customers who haven't come back for 20 days, to increase retention rate.

Promote products that can be bought again: promote products depending on the cycle that customers can re-buy.

Contact for support within 24 hours

From $19 / month with 15 day free trial

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