Make an Offer App - Ecommerce Real Time Offer Application


The Make an Offer app, or MaO for short, allows visitors to make real time offers on your products. You set the acceptable price by category (% off retail) or per product ($ amount) and MaO does the rest. It will decline offers lower than the minimum price you have set. If the offer is within the acceptable amounts it will approve, let them add it to cart, and then checkout. MaO does all of this automatically with no interaction from you.


  • Gain Advantage Over High Competition Markets
  • Avoid Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Violations
  • Increase Sales Thru Visitor Interaction
  • Track The Number of Offers – Built In
  • Auto Deploy Technology – No Coding Experienced Required
  • Clean & Easy To Use
  • Setup Is A Breeze
  • Support Portal, Forums, Suggestions, & Ideas For Use