MentAd - Drive Sales with Facebook Advertising


MentAd enables you to increase sales and reach new customers through effective Facebook advertising. Its unique technology is tailored for ecommerce and will help you generate a substantial sales lift and perform real-time measurement of your advertising ROI. By analyzing thousands of data points from your historic and real-time sales along with customers’ data from social networks and from the public web, MentAd's platform learns what characterizes existing customers, and then drives more similar customers from Facebook to your Bigcommerce store.


  • Historic sales analysis to learn from existing sales what characterizes the customers who are most likely to purchase on your site
  • Real time data analysis to identify the conversion rate of each of your products and to identify sales trends on your site
  • A super easy dashboard where you can view all the insights related to sales, customers and advertising 24/7
  • Ecommerce analytics, with powerful insights about the best performing products and the types of customers purchasing them
  • Social analytics, with powerful insights about your customers to help you understand them better and to be able to target them more effectively
  • Ad campaign reports, with real time information about the performance of the advertising campaigns and ROI, so you know exactly what the impact of each ad dollar is on your total sales.
  • 30 days free access to data analysis
15% of advertising spend (minimum spend required)