Client Reviews (3) helps you to easily promote your BigCommerce products across social media networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter. Tumblr and many more. Mento eliminates the need of spending endless hours on social media to copy/paste your products or do repetitive and menial work of re-promoting the same items multiple times. Now, you can focus on your core business while Mento will put your marketing on auto pilot mode.

How Mento Works:

1. Install Mento App from BigCommerce Apps Gallery

2. We will create your Mento account if you do not have otherwise we will logged in your Mento panel

3. We list your all store products with pre-generated posts and tweets so you do not have to spend time in writing content.

4. Select the products that you want to promote

5. Select the social networks where you want to promote. You need to connect your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest profiles with Mento once.

That's it. Give it a try and save some time today!

$14.99 / month
Free trial
14 days

Client Reviews (3)

Easy, works awesome and saves time about 1 year ago by
Mento continuously increases my sales by constantly bringing new customers to my stores. Till a few months back, I used to do all my social media marketing for my store by myself which meant spending hours on social media. I even fancied the idea of hiring an agency but the costs were prohibitive. Once I discovered Mento, I realized how easy it was to promote products on Pinterest, Instagram, and facebook. It not only saves my time but increases my sales too, so in a way it pays for itself. The best part about Mento is their support... they're ready to go the extra mile to make sure that I am happy. Try this, you'll not regret.
Super Helpful about 1 year ago by
This app is super helpful in saving time by scheduling content for all my social media channels. It integrates easily with my shop and makes promoting my products a cinch. You can create and schedule your own content or upload other RSS feeds and share. Its a great social media management tool for any small business owner who doesn't have much time to devote to social.
Doesn't work + no support = delete about 1 year ago by
The premise is good. Unfortunately it doesn't work. Scheduled posts are posted immediately, so it's pretty useless. Requested some support and not a peep. Very disappointed. Steer clear.