Merchpin - Self-Service Merchandising

Merchpin is a self-service merchandizing platform for brands, merchants, and marketers. Our service makes it easy to target and promote your products on other websites, blogs, or Facebook pages.

At the heart of Merchpin is a rich set of targeting rules that allow you to creatively merchandize products within your existing content. Targeting rules can match page URLs, keywords, and more; and can merchandize products within selected categories, price ranges, or even specific SKUs. Don't know what pages or keywords to target? Connect your Google Analytics account, and Merchpin makes suggestions for you.

Merchpin works with popular blogging and CMS platforms like Tumblr, Blogger,, Drupal, Squarespace, and more. You can also connect your Facebook account to target products directly to your shop's Facebook page.

Smart merchandizing improves product visibility and discovery, increasing sales and customer conversion. Merchpin makes it easy to monetize your existing content and put a store on every page.

$9 / month to $99 / month
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