Migrate from Shopify to BigCommerce

Time to switch platforms?

Are you looking to increase sales and simplify your business operations? Easily migrate from Shopify to BigCommerce and take advantage of the best ecommerce platform for growing brands.

How the migration works

The BigCommerce Catalog Transfer Services team has helped over 20,000 stores make the switch to BigCommerce. We handle the transfer of your store’s catalog catalog , including products, options, categories, and customers — from Shopify to BigCommerce, and have worked with countless Shopify merchants to perfect this process.

  • For complex or custom migrations, we can scope out the catalog transfer to account for the individual needs of your store.
  • We help you import: products, product images, product options, and more — see a full list of all the data we migrate.
  • Your current store remains live throughout the catalog transfer process, ensuring you don’t lose out on sales throughout your migration.
  • Work with a partner to keep your existing design, or take the opportunity to try one of our beautiful ecommerce templates. Find the perfect design partner.
  • We help preserve the search rankings of your website by adding 301 redirects for products and categories, ensuring you don’t lose SEO traffic when you move platforms.
  • Get help onboarding and take advantage of our 24/7 customer support as you get acclimated with BigCommerce.

No other ecommerce platform has a dedicated team that specializes in transferring your product catalog when you switch solutions. We work with you to ensure you have a seamless move to BigCommerce, enabling you to take advantage of our powerful built-in features.

Why migrate from Shopify to BigCommerce?

BigCommerce merchants outsell Shopify users by 34% on average. That’s because we give you the scalable platform to reach the next level of growth.

  • Fair, predictable pricing with no transaction fees.
  • Exclusive Braintree rates, starting at 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction and descending, based on your BigCommerce plan.
  • Best-in-class SEO, including automated 301 redirects and pre-optimized product pages.
  • Beautiful ecommerce themes built to impress and convert.
  • The best customer support in ecommerce: 24/7 phone, chat, and email.
  • Advance discount and promotion rules, making it easier for you to offer coupons.
  • Single-page checkout, optimized for conversion on desktop and mobile.
  • BigCommerce supports 6x as many SKUs as Shopify, providing the platform you need to scale — fast.
  • Native integrations with mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Amazon Pay, helping you sell more on mobile.
  • The only ecommerce platform to natively integrate with Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest, and eBay, giving you more ways to grow sales and improve your brand visibility.
  • Save up to $5K/year by taking advantage of native features that require paid app support on Shopify.

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