Military Discount

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Why offer a military discount?

Companies have done it for decades: Home Depot, Advance Auto, 24 Hour Fitness, Foot Locker, Greyhound, Michael's, Payless Shoes — and hundreds more. These companies all realized the colossal marketing opportunity by supporting our nation's heroes.

  • 95% of military customers revisit a company offering a discount versus one who doesn't
  • 22 million people eligible for this discount

How do you verify them?

We use a variety of methods to ensure the customer is who they claim to be. In 94% of cases, military customers are able to be verified instantly. Some of our methods include:

  • SCRA / DMDC Lookup
  • Verification of .mil e-mail address
  • Manual document upload to be inspected/approved by IDS (typically occurs under 5 minutes 6AM-9PM PST)

How do I install it?

Customers click a button or banner (usually on your cart page) to begin verification. Adding this is simple, and example HTML code is provided.

Don't want to touch HTML? No worries, we'll build a landing page for your discount - so all you need to do is copy a link!

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