Military Discount

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Why offer a Military Discount?

Companies have done it for decades: Home Depot, Advance Auto, 24 Hour Fitness, Foot Locker, Greyhound, Michael's, Payless Shoes — and hundreds more. These companies all realized the colossal marketing opportunity by supporting our nation's heroes.

  • 95% of military customers revisit a company offering a discount versus one who doesn't
  • 22 million people eligible for this discount

How do you verify them?

We use a variety of methods to ensure the customer is who they claim to be. In 94% of cases, military customers are able to be verified instantly. Some of our methods include:

  • SCRA / DMDC Lookup
  • Verification of .mil e-mail address
  • Manual document upload to be inspected/approved by IDS (typically occurs within minutes 6AM-9PM PST)

How do I install it?

Customers click a button or banner (usually on your cart page) to begin verification. Adding this is simple, and example HTML code is provided.

Don't want to touch HTML? No worries, we'll build a landing page for your discount - so all you need to do is copy a link!

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Client Reviews (1)

I can't sing the praises enough! 8 months ago by
Rick has gone above and beyond for us. The integration is amazing with BigCommerce. We also had an issue where we decided to change our categories for the program. When the API wasn't syncing, Rick reached out to BigCommerce and resolved the issue with the categories showing up (it was BigCommerce putting a limit on the category max that was no fault of theirs)! He had this fixed for me promptly and always made sure that communication was clear as well via email! In addition, our customers have given us great feedback about the ease of using this program. Like the subject says; can't sing their praises enough! Thanks!!!