Mineful - Customer Retention Platform


Together, we’ll stop mass marketing. Get more orders from your customers using this powerful, automated, and transactional email marketing and segmentation tool.

Event-driven marketing is a system that sends emails based on what your customers do without you having to lift a finger. Rather than mass emailing everyone, you can send emails based on what customers purchase, how much they spend, the last time they visited your store, or even if they responded to your previous campaign. For smaller organizations, Mineful works as their 24/7 intelligent sales force to boost revenue.

On average, customers increase email marketing ROI by 30%, so what are you waiting for? All BigCommerce customer receive a uniquely extended 30-day no obligation FREE trial.


  • Triggered emails
  • Event-driven marketing
  • Behavioral targeting and rewards platform
  • Customer and sales trends
  • Email reporting and analytics
  • Content management and A|B testing
  • Integrated survey platform
$99 / month
Free trial
14 days