MineWhat Analytics

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MineWhat is a merchandising intelligence tool, that enables you to discover what works on your eCommerce store! Which products are best on your homepage banner! What you should buy more of! Make more of! Avoid like the plague!

Create the perfect assortment

All the key product performance insights you need to create the perfect product mix.

Category and brand intelligence

Get insights covering sales, shopper behaviour, marketing, geo data and more on each brand or category.

Analyse product attributes

Understand merchandise performance at an attribute level like fabric types, size, cut, color and more. Discover true shopper intent.

Visual Merchandising reports

See how people behave across different pages. Validate your landing pages in seconds.

Forecast upcoming trends

Get long term performance trends on your products, brands and categories. Predict what your shoppers might like.

Connect marketing and merchandising

See how your marketing influences merchandise performance. Get concise overviews on each channel.

Click on the link below for more info on features, possible usage and how minewhat can help you. https://minewhat.com

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