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Powerful eCommerce Analytics for Growth

MonkeyData is the best analytics solution for your online store. It gives you the perfect insights on how all areas of your business are performing - in one place.This must-have app will change your attitude towards data analytics forever. We've made this tool both sophisticated in terms of analysis and easy to use, just the way you need it!

Gain Deeper Insights

Go one deeper with MonkeyData and truly understand your business. Use all the information we give you to determine which campaigns are working. Watch metrics from BigCommerce, Adwords, Amazon, eBay, Facebook and more in clear dashboards. Discover the power of your data thanks to our smart features.

You Will Love:

  • One click integration.
  • Consolidation of multiple sales channels in one place (Amazon, eBay, Adwords, Facebook, etc.).
  • The most important ecommerce metrics & KPIs.
  • Actionable insights such as metrics forecasting and time period comparison.
  • Real-time Google Analytics and many more awesome features.
  • Automated reports that allow you to stay updated on your business.
  • Sharing for your colleagues.
  • The absolute security of your data.

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