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DIT India's Image interchange by hover is a great tool of enhancing your category page's user experience. It is a proven fact that the user experience of your category page (a.k.a. Product listing page) determines the success of your eCommerce website. Your shoppers can view the more images of a product by merely hovering on the product listing thumbnail without having to go into the product detail page. We understand that product listing and merchandise images play a significant role in the decision-making process. It helps them compare alternative options faster, and this image swap by thumbnail hover app does precisely that. It lets you show your products to the shoppers from different angles or in different colour options. Have you experienced a situation when a product in one colour looks good, but when presented in a different colour it looks absolutely phenomenal? Our BigCommerce swapping on Hover app lets you tap into that possibility.

What Does it Do?

This app lets you switch over images and display the alternative product images that has been uploaded for that item. By doing that, it can help you achieve the following objectives:

- Showcase a product from different angles to facilitate easier buying decision.

- Present different colour options for the same product.

- Show close-up and distant images of a product.

Why Do You Need This?

- Improve user experience by facilitating easier decision making.

- Present a product in distant and close-up views to give shoppers a better perspective.

- Let shoppers explore multiple colours for the same product.

- Stand out from the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Which images does this app use?

o The app uses the multiple images that is uploaded for a product. If there is only one image uploaded for the product, there will be nothing to show.

- Do you also create as well as upload the images for me?

o This app is only to facilitate BigCommerce swapping on Hover. For image creation and uploading, you will have to separately hire our development services.

- Does this app also show product options on categories?

o This app is meant for individual products only. It will show the multiple images for any product when a shopper hovers their mouse over the thumbnail.

- Will I experience any downtime at the time of implementation?

o There is no downtime. All you need to do is to install the script and get it to work.

- Can I manage which image shows on hover?

o When hovered the app shows multiple additional images for each product excluding first image uploaded in the order they were uploaded. However, you can easily change the order from the backend. This way, you can dynamically decide what order image should comes up upon hover.

How it Works ?

o Install app o Generate Code o Add the code in respective template file

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at

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