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PriceWaiter makes buying and selling better, anywhere. Beginning with a platform that makes price negotiation fast, simple and private, PriceWaiter now offers a seamless SaaS suite of sales tools that significantly boosts customer engagement, conversion, and average order value on any retailer's site.

With hundreds of retail partners, hundreds of thousands of users, and hundreds of millions in offers, PriceWaiter helps sellers sell more, and buyers buy more, all across the web.


Customizable Campaigns

Control the appearance and placement of the PriceWaiter button on your site – quickly and easily. Configure button size, color, and location to best match your site, and enable products and categories that allow you to make the most money. Choose from one of 6 premade campaigns or create your own

Advanced Analytical Insight

Our powerful retailer-facing dashboard will give you access to advanced metrics to help you track PriceWaiter usage and maximize your profits. In real time, track high-level information such as store-wide trends, or drill down to micro details such as product-level conversion.

Quality Customer Service

PriceWaiter is standing by to provide the support you need – fast. Our representatives are experts in both e-commerce and technical support. Don't hesitate to give us a call – PriceWaiter is at your service!


Campaign Types

  • Make An Offer
  • Name Your Price
  • Volume Discount
  • Price Match
  • Price Drop
  • Negotiate
  • Custom

Visual control

  • Size
  • Color
  • Hover state
  • Copy options
  • Branding
  • Email Drip Copy

In-Offer Data

  • Inventory
  • Margin

Placement Control

  • Product Level
  • Category Level

Product Types

  • Simple products
  • Configurable products
  • Bundled products

Secure Callback Functionality

  • Orders
  • Inventory
  • Invoicing

Payment Processors Supported:

  • Cybersource
  • First Data Global Gateway
  • Payflow Pro
  • Paypal Payments Pro
  • Stripe
  • Paypal

PriceWaiter is the perfect way to engage more visitors, convert comparison shoppers, and make MAP moot. Sell more on Bigcommerce, today!

$49.00 + 2.9% per month (FREE TRIAL)

Client Reviews (11)

Great Product! Works well! about 1 year ago by

This app is very helpful in driving folks deeper into the sales funnel!  Recommended!

Great App about 1 year ago by

Like this app, it has certainly got customers more engaged and has converted a quite a few sales for our site! thumbs up.

horrible about 1 year ago by

one of the worse apps ever. It will just be removed from your website without you even knowing and doesnt work half the time dont waste your time

AMAZING! This is the END of "Clearence" Items! about 1 year ago by Carrie Jones

I am blown away by the customer service with Price Waiter !The chat support is fantastic and they are there if you hit any install glitches and they can help. Cheer to Courtney who is one of the most patient and helpful people on the planet:)

 Clearance sale is a bad word in my business it decreases the cache of my brand with price waiter I can see who is looking to buy and without a pushy cold call/or aggressive email, they know if there is "room" in the deal when there's room. This is the wink and the nudge my customers need. Awesome tool!

Fantastic about 1 year ago by

We have two thousand pounds in sales in less than a month. This is the best app we have used on Big Commerce by some way.  You would be mad not to try it.

GREAT APP. MUST HAVE APP about 1 year ago by

This app works GREAT, Especially since so many companies have their mandatory advertised pricing that dictates what you are allowed to sell their products at which is rediculous. Every store needs this app. 

Great app and 5 stars customer service about 1 year ago by

It took me only 5 mins to install. When I have question and email their team, they reply my email very fast. Seth did a great job to make sure my site work properly with their app. Super friendly and fast customer support. Very easy installation and friendly backend interface. I recommend this app to everyone who want to increase sales!! thank you price waiter team !!

Super impressed about 1 year ago by

Great software. I just installed it but the idea is great.S and his team work quick to smooth  anything around the edges easily. I will most likely sign up for a preimum account

Great app , great customer support ! about 1 year ago by

Great app to get more orders, and they also have great customer support !

Solid 5-Stars and some about 1 year ago by

This is a great piece of software to get your customers engaged. It does not matter what the discount is, customers like the idea of a "deal" and you get them "talking". In many cases we have actually upsold additional pieces because of it.

I've been using this negotiation tool for the last 2 years on few of my other sites ( different platform ). US based in-house support is always available, set up takes minutes and if needed they will walk you through it. I wish they had a live chat support option but it's not that big of a deal as they actually do answer their phone. This app really does help with sales, you know your business best and what items you have better margins than others. Another great benefit is users have to post a zip code, for me that's huge as shipping costs on our product can make a huge difference in the discount we can offer. Currently Im on the free version, but with the business being good I am in the process of reviewing their premium tools. The automation and shopper abandonment pop up would allow me to consolidate vendors and cut down on a lot of labor. 


You will sell more product

You will engage a lot of customers, so its up to you to lose them



I truly cannot think of one 

Integration about 1 year ago by Sergey Benksy

In addition to my BigCommerce store, I have a Shopify store that has been using PriceWaiter for months.  I was very excited to see this app launch for BC. I had a small hiccup during installation while trying to get the button enabled. I contacted their service department and received immediate assistance - they have everything worked out now! Great product and fantastic service Price Waiter team, thanks for the help.