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More Checkout Conversions!

On average, One Page Checkout converts 7.43 more sales from the checkout page than the standard BigCommerce checkout.

Some stores have seen increases of 30% or more!

Faster Checkout Times!

Our clients have seen their average time on the checkout page up to 47 seconds faster than the standard BigCommerce checkout!

Checkout process is 6-10 seconds quicker on average. Faster checkout speed directly correlates to an increase in completed orders!

Decreased Exit Rates!

Stores using One Page Checkout have seen a sharp decline in checkout page exit rate. This directly leads to a decrease in abandoned carts!

More Reasons to Upgrade:

Cleaner Layout Means Easier Checkout

Order Button is Large and Prominent

View All Information at Once – No Accordion Style

Address Autofill powered by Google Saves Time and Reduces Error

Address Validation

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