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About the app

An Automated Product Recommendation App that helps BigCommerce stores Upsell, Cross-sell, Personalize Shopping Experiences, increase Conversion Rates, Average Order Value (AOV), and Boost Sales for your store.

How Order Booster helps the store owner: Save Time by applying Automation, bring Better Customer Experience for shoppers, and most importantly - Sell more.

Automation: Super flexible concept to set up conditions to trigger a display of product list, based on: Current Product, Items in Cart, Cart Info, Customer Behaviors (Recent Purchases, Recent Views, Spent Amount, AOV, Groups).

Real-time Audience Segmentation: Segmentation based on customer behavior, purchase histories are tracked in real-time. Get a better understanding of your customers and suggest the product they want to buy.

Personalized Recommendation, Up-sell, and Cross-sell: Display recommended products in different ways. To recommend (products that customer might be interested in), Up-sell (suggest to buy a higher-value version of the product), Cross-sell (complementary products customers often buy with the main product)

The Concept is Simple but Powerful and Effective:

  • Target Pages: Set specific or multiple target pages to display Recommendation Products, such as: Product Page, Cart Page, Checkout Page, and Thankyou Page
  • Know your Customer: Based on our Powerful Conditions Settings, you will better understand your customer based on their: History (Recent Purchases, Spent Amount, AOV, etc.), Currently Browsing Behaviors (Recent Views, Items in Cart, Cart Info, etc.), and where they are in your store (Target pages).
  • Display Recommendation for each Customer Segment: Customize the list of products to display to each segment of customers on different pages, to Boost Sales
  • See the Booster Result in Statistic and Chart and continue improvement

Display product: in Grid/Carousel, layout and message are customizable.

Save time: By applying Automation together with super flexible recommendation rules, merchants can automate campaign setup and optimization.

Sell more: Use a deeper understanding of your customer to increase conversion rate.

OrderBooster is currently running on a free plan. Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

App Features

Boost your store's revenue

With product recommendations, upselling and cross selling on different steps throughout the buyer's journey.

Delight your customers

With an automation engine which can analyze behaviors, segment shoppers and provide relevant product suggestions.

Get started easily

Customize to your own needs in minutes with flexible rules and messages configurations.

Flexible recommendation rules
  • Create & manage multiple rules
  • Choose specific conditions to show recommendations: pages, cart info, order history, and customer behaviors
  • Offer products recommendations or upsell, cross-sell
  • Schedule on/off time for your rules
Easily customizable storefront
  • Tailor your messages on recommendation sliders with headlines and descriptions
  • Choose specific product display rules for sliders: number of items or sort order

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None

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  • Last updated:October, 25 2022
  • This app may not be fully compatible with multi-storefront. Please get in touch with the technical partner for further details.
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    Single Click
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