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From fulfillment to tracking inventory, Ordoro is the one stop shop for tackling your orders. Ship more in less time for less money, and keep your orders in order. Here's what we bring to the table:

Powerful Shipping

  • Access top-tier shipping rate discounts of up to 67% via USPS
  • Select any major carrier you prefer, whether it's USPS, FedEx, DHL, or Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • Quickly create shipping labels individually or in batches

Efficient Dropshipping

  • Assign your products to specific vendors
  • Automatically route your orders to suppliers or manually send them in a click
  • Activate a Vendor Portal allowing vendors to process their assigned orders
  • Gauge how effective your dropshippers are

Integrated Inventory Management

  • Collect orders from every channel in one place
  • Sync your inventory quantities across every channel
  • Configure kits that automatically bundle certain SKUs together in an order
  • Issue purchase orders within the app

And Much More!

  • An open API
  • Stellar customer support
  • Multichannel analytics

Client Reviews (31)

Has Really Helped Our Business! over 2 years ago by emc...com http://www.georgetownvineyards.com

Ordoro has really helped us streamline our shipping by importing our orders from Amazon, Ebay and our BigCommerce website. It's easy to use, and the price is great. The customer service is fantastic too - I needed a custom report to use in a meeting with a client, and Kristen from Ordoro not only created exactly what I needed, she sent it the very next day along with a short video explaining everything! We are very pleased with Ordoro!! 

Not Ready for Prime Time over 3 years ago by swa...com http://www.rescuepetsupply.com

I feel like the Lone Ranger with my marginal review of Ordoro based on all the glowing reviews previous to mine.

I'm not sure how many orders or skus the other reviewers manage, but we found Ordoroslow and cumbersome:

Didn't like the fact that a credit card transaction must be captured before and order could be retrieved from BigCommerce.

Too many Order screens to navigated to process an order and not enough information display for visual search. Also, didn't like the requirement of adding shipping cost while updating tracking.

Inventory update of over 14000 skus is a problem. If one of the skus is not in Ordoro, the upload fails.

Great suppose from Kristen, I'll give them that.

Basically the product feels new to me. Like is hasn't been tested fully. Unfortunately, I guess that is not the case.

Fantastic by David http://www.alphaexpedition.com
Ordoro App is easy to work with, excellent price tiers when compared. Ordoro staffs work around the clocks even in late evening hours to reply any technical emails for my business's need. Fantastic customer service and support. Professional attitude combine with casual personalities from every staffs I have spoke to. They are definitely working hard to make their customers' job easier.
Excellent system for mulitple channels by Brandon http://www.freetimehobbies.com
We LOVE Ordoro. We currently have 3 Bigcommerce stores running in Ordoro and we sell some of the same items on all 3 sites... Ordoro keeps up with the inventory and keeps all 3 websites synced on the front end and the back end. Sangram is very very helpful... of all the different programs and software we use.... Sangram has the best customer service and is super fast in assisting us as we continue to implement more of Ordoro's features to work for our business. We have finally found a multi-channel inventory control system that actually works! For shipping it is about the same as other programs we have used.... but that is a good thing because there is hardly any learning curve at all to start easily processing shipments. We use USPS and UPS and it works great. The Purchase Order section is really helpful... allows us to easily re-order items we are out of, receive the inventory when it arrives, automatically updates all 3 of our bigcommerce stores with the re-stock items, and lets us know if there are any orders that can now ship that were waiting on that particular order to arrive. Looks like we will be a long time customer of Ordoro!
Very nice by Julia
I had tried out ordoro and did enjoy it. It does track inventory nicely and is ready for me to ship items, making life and shipping much easier. The only reason I couldn't stay is because my shipping and inventory tracking revolves around websites which I run deals on which are not integrated anywhere for inventory and so I just settled with another shipping company for now. I highly recommend ordoro especially because of their very quick support, which we all know is necessary to run a good business and when questions arise we need quick answers. They are knowledgeable and straight to the point. Thank you Ordoro!
Tech Support by SignsSeen
I am NOT using Ordoro, but it is not because of the tech support. Each time I called, they were very helpful and very responsive. If the features are added I need, I will certainly consider them again.
Ordoro - Excellent app fantastic support staff! by Bruce Dailey
We're using Ordoro both in sync with our BigCommerce store and independently for order fulfillment. Everyone on the Ordoro support staff (Kristen, Sangram, et al) is consistently helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and very responsive. I've never failed to get a prompt callback or email response, and their use of gotomeeting was a great help. Everyone I've talked to is also very knowledgeable about special solutions and "work-arounds" to address unique situations for our business. The inventory control, kitting and shipper interface has helped us immediately enhance and streamline our B2B order processing. We highly recommend Ordoro!
Ordoro Review by Lisa Kraig
I have been pleased with Ordoro and its order management capabilities. The staff are always working to upgrade and improve their product; always listening to my troubles and suggestions with the goal to make Ordoro better and make my job simpler. The customer service is top-notch. At the least, I am able to speak to a real person; at the most everyone has been helpful to solve problems and find solutions. Thanks Kristen and crew!
Love ORDORO! by katelyn
It is so easy to use, quicker than shipping from Bigcommerce itself. Love the reduced rates on shipping too!
Ordoro Services by Denny Gross
We are a new start company. We are designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing specialized products for the auto racing market. We knew we had to become deeply involved in online sales. It was the first venture for Dave, my partner, and I into the online sales world. Initially, we setup our store with another entity . . . . . and quickly found out they were NOT everything they advertised to be! We had to cut our losses and get established with another entity quickly as our first product launch was rapidly approaching; and, we had to be ready to accept and ship orders. Enter Big Commerce and Ordoro. It has been a pleasure to work with these organizations. Ordoro has made the shipping processing about as easy as I think it can be. I'm still learning all the capabilities they offer. I am very pleased with their service - whenever I fat-finger things and muck up the process, they are always there and able to get me back on track. These opportunities are also used to tutor me further on their system so that I can use it to even greater advantage. And, best of all, they listen to suggestions from users who may have thoughts or ideas on how to add or improve features! How often does THAT happen?????
Great App for Drop Ship Businesses by Karen Emery
We are a small start-up drop ship business and we were stressing over how to manage a large group of drop ship suppliers with our limited resources. We can tell already this app is going to be an incredible benefit to our business by managing the way suppliers receive our orders. It was easy to import all of our product information into Ordoro from Bigcommerce, and then it was just an matter of setting up a simple fill-in-the-blank form for each supplier and linking the supplier to specific items. Ordoro will automatically import new orders from Bigcommerce and then we can go in and work with the order...send it to the drop shipper as is or manually work with it if it needs special handling. You can still add notes with instructions or comments, or you can just literally push a button and the order goes right to the supplier. The great thing is if an order comes in with multiple items from multiple drop shippers, Ordoro splits it all out and sends each item to it's own supplier. Once you've been notified by the supplier the order has shipped, you can simply take the tracking number, enter it into the order, and your customer receives an email notification. Unfortunately we have one large supplier that insists on all orders being entered into their own website's order system which is definitely inconvenient, but that's OK because Ordoro gives you the option to choose how to deal with each item on an order individually. This app is going to save us all a lot of time. It's not difficult to set-up Ordoro and link it to Bigcommerce, and we also have to mention that customer service was exceptionally patient and helpful with what were probably pretty basic rookie questions from non-technical people!
Love Ordoro by Denise
We use ordoro to simplify our shipping process as we carry stock as well as drop ship. It really helps to steamline the whole process. The other thing is that the customer services has been top notch. I had an issue at 10:30 pm last night and someone responded to my email within 10 minutes. As a online business owner, that is very valuable for me!
Awesome! by Brittanie
I could not have asked for a better outcome with my Ordoro experience. I was skeptical at first about software that was going to make my day so much easier, I was wrong! Everything from the set up to the daily use of the application is so easy it seems effortless. Ordoro cut my work time in half and the new easy sync button cut it down even further. On top of all of that, the customer service is outstanding!
Beats the competition, but hasn't met its full potential by Maximus Kang
Ordoro has certainly been a game changer for our operations. We are now able to get our customer's packages out the door quicker and spend more time on QA. They are still technically a start-up, which means that when you email them...you'll get a "start-up" response (which means lightning fast and super helpful). The two things I would need to see before giving it a 5 star review would be making international label printing better as well as the ability to print 2 domestic shipping labels on one sheet of paper. All in all, the product/service has been far better than any other shipping solution that Big Commerce has to offer. I won't name names, but another shipping solution available on here did not even return any of my emails.
Ordoro is a breeze! by Ramona F.
I love using Ordoro. From the appealing interface to the easy integration with BigCommerce to the exceptional customer service, this app is a great value. I have been continually impressed by their support team, especially Kristen, who has been so helpful with my questions and even offered to include Endicia as part of our service, saving us $16 per month.
What are you waiting for? GET THIS APP! by Frank
Ordoro delivers as promised, and is a great tool for managing shipments. We currently use it on the BigCommerce platform, and plan to integrate with other selling channels in the near future. My shipping team loved making the switch to Ordoro to make their lives easier, and our customers love the instant updates to tracking information. The Ordoro team has great customer support, and are always quick to provide a personalized response to our requests. Things are a breeze with Ordoro!
Best decision I made - Ordoro by Linda Lee
I don't know how I would have handled shipping and inventory if it wasn't for Ordoro! I love how it downloads the orders from Bigcommerce and easily creates shipping labels. But most importantly, the customer service is totally above and beyond. I've never had such an amazing support. Kristen has been nothing but patient, kind and very knowledgeable with her work. Thank you Ordoro, Kristen and the staffs for making my experience here outstanding! I highly recommend everyone to try Ordoro. I am fortunate I found Ordoro! Thank you always, Linda Lee
Interfacing with Ordoro by Chris Halpern
We are building our first store on BigCommerce and are ending up with a great deal more products than we had originally anticipated. That is a good problem to have to solve but one of our concerns was interfacing all of the information between BigCommerce and Ordoro. I sent a list of detailed questions to Ordoro customer support. They quickly offered to set up a call to go over each question in detail. The entire process was extremely helpful and convenient. They provided me an appointment scheduler to let me choose when we were both available. They sent me a GoToMeeting notice that allowed me to enter it into my calendar. And they even sent me a video/audio recording of the call for my future reference! And the best part was that I found out how to manage a large number of products in Ordoro using their data import tool. Thanks Kristen!
Best App for Streamlining Shipping by Evelyn
We have been using Ordoro for 3 months now and it has absolutely been awesome. Clean, simple and comprehensive, Ordoro makes in very easy to manage our shipping and drop shipping functions. More importantly, the customer support has been exceptional! Very responsive. Ordoro is a must!
Ordoro Rises Above The Rest by Gary Martin
Ordoro is without question one of the best multi-carrier shipping tools on the market that integrates with your e-commerce store. It has worked flawlessly for us over the years and provides direct support for all major shipping carriers. Ordoro plays an important role in the daily operation of the online portion of our businesses. It downloads our orders and makes it easy to create shipping labels, manage customers and emails, and seamlessly updates the online status of each order. When we have run into a problem or have had a question regarding the use of the software this is where Ordoro excels above all others, the customer service/support is second to none it is probably the only company I have called were they actually talk to you when you call the first time and actually are willing to answer your questions and fix any problem you may have. If you are looking for a feature rich, robust Inventory Management and Shipping Software than look no further because you have just found it. Take your e-commerce to the next level and get Ordoro. We did and we could not be happier.
Great customer service and tech support by Lee
I'm relatively new to Ecommerce and connecting the dots between shopping cart and shipping platforms. I am also an IT person's worst nightmare. During my trial with Ordoro, I found it was not intuitive for me and wasn't sure how to get around and coordinate with Big Commerce. After emails with "support" at Ordoro and then follow up emails and phone calls with Kristen at Ordoro, I will say their support and follow up is outstanding. There were a few bugs that I pointed out, and the Ordoro team and Kristen followed up on them in a few short weeks. A few they took care of in the same day ! I am truly impressed with the Ordoro team and their ability to listen to customer comments, suggestions and then to make changes.
Some Good, Some Bad... by T-Shirt Guru
The Good: • Incredible Customer Service, helpful staff • Feature Rich, especially for Drop Ship Integration • Looks really clean and is straight forward The Bad: • USPS integration (pricing, labels) only available at added expense ($16-$35) through 3rd party. • USPS integration was sloppy and confusing, and lacked continuity. Ordoro might look great but their USPS partner has awful customer service, doesn't explain the features of their own tiered pricing structure, and was one of the biggest reasons I left Ordoro. • You cannot delete any order once synced with your BG store. • You cannot delete your account (As far as I can tell/have tried)
Easy to implement, use with multiple channels by EB
We implemented Ordoro as a solution to manage our outbound shipments from our BigCommerce Store and Amazon Marketplace. We have found it to be helpful and a good value for our business. Support has been responsive to questions, and over the 6 months we have used the product, they have been continually improving it. Highly recommend!
BEST decision we made!!! by Matt
Ordoro is an absolute MUST have app! Being new to e-commerce, order fulfillment and shipping was a big unknown. Fortunately for us, we found Ordoro and all our worries went away. The system itself is extremely easy to use and we love that it interfaces with our drop shippers too. Also, unlike many other shipping/inventory services, you can actually pick up the phone and call them to ask any questions about the system. Naruby is always so helpful and her level of customer service is off the charts. She answered every question I had and was always eager to help. If you are looking an easy way to manage your inventory, fulfill your orders and the ability to get great customer service with a simple phone call, the choice is clear!
by Echo http://www.7-hobby.com
it is possible for Ordoro to calculate the shipment of products from different locations?
by Jess http://labelshopper.com
Ordoro really helps us with streamlining our shipment process as well as help us keep track of inventory between two different shopping carts. Their customer service is out of this world. Every company should strive to meet their customer service expectations.
by Ty
Great program. We were always running out of stock on items due to selling in multiple places. We are now able to keep our inventory accurate! Great Program.
by Claudette Barjoud http://www.fluffshop.com
Ordoro is a must! I cannot even begin to tell you what a huge time saver their system has been for us! Before using Ordoro we would spend at least half the day entering orders into UPS.com and USPS.com, not to mention the giant headache of preparing customs forms. Those long days of drudgery are over, thanks to Ordoro! It is an amazing, complete order and inventory management system. It has many features that are so handy like the ability to flag orders with custom color coded flags so you can see what is going on at a glance. That is just one of the countless features! It hooks up seamlessly with our BigCommerce site and you can make updates to products and inventory and it keeps track of everything! One feature I especially love: Ordoro keeps track of multiple shipments for orders that have items coming from different warehouses! It even automatically uploads tracking numbers to your BigCommerce site, amazing! I must also sing the praises of their superb customer service team. They are very friendly, personable and professional and will spend one to one time to get you set up and answer any questions you may have. These days we are spending a lot of time sitting by the pool thanks to Ordoro! Love it!!
by michele http://shopping.rejoynmedical.com
Love this app! Really appreciate the ability to merge most online sales channels into one location. Inventory system works seamlessly, PO orders are a breeze and shipping integration is great choice for Mac users. Ordoro has definitely increased the efficiency of our office. I am hoping for eBay integration soon as well as Amazon Fulfilled Network (AFN) options. The lack of these two shopping cart integrations is the only reason for 4 stars not 5. Staff is always helpful and prompt to respond to any questions or feedback
by Andrew
A great SAAS for streamlining your shipping. Integrates nicely with BigCommerce and Interspire stores for easy label creation. Ordoro saves us several hours each month that would otherwise be spent typing in customer name and info into UPS and USPS sites for creating shipments. Not only does it save us this time, but we no longer have user-error address mistakes. Jagath at the company has been very helpful with any questions and requests we have made. Overall we're very pleased with Ordoro, which we've been using for 9 months now. Only giving it 4 stars primarily for price, which is not very competitive with other services out there. Also, we would like to see better tracking number syncing between Ordoro and the shopping cart (this is not necessarily their fault, but a feature in need of improvement nonetheless).
by chad walker http://WingSupply.com
We used Ordoro early on to keep our inventory levels in sync across all our sales channels. I always spoke with Naruby ... she is very helpful and will go out of her way to make sure you are satisfied. Since the release of the newest API we have implemented our own \"middleware\" to keep things in sync, but I would recommend Ordoro to anyone who wants an \"off the shelf\" solution.