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OSI Affiliate Software helps you to increase your sales by starting a referral program. By having a referral program you can get your current customers to help you to promote your Bigcommerce store and you will reward them with a gift card, commission or any reward you can think of.

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  • Easy Setup Wizard
  • Integrates with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Multiple Creatives
  • Social Share Widget
  • Customizable Coupons
  • Detailed Reports
  • Contest Manager
  • Feedback Survey
  • Smart Rewards
  • Works with Your Domain
  • 15 Day Free Trial
  • Pricefrom $47.95 / month
  • Free trial 15 days

Client Reviews (11)

3 years ago by Bharat Jilka

We found that the app does everything we want and was easy to implement.
I would recommend it.

3 years ago by David Jones

We grew our affiliate program using I-Dev and after the first 2 months we needed to upgrade. Our company set up with Omnistar. First, their system is very difficult to upload existing affiliate records into. We had to manually enter 75% of our affiliate sales, because their tracking codes would not function correctly. The system always had several glitches from not tracking sales to deleting an entire months worth of sales, which would require an entire system reboot.

We would strongly recommend staying away from this software, if you are serious about building a reliable affiliate program.

2 years ago by Justin Wade

I moved my affiliate program from Infusionsoft to Omnistar after I began using Big Commerce for the front end of my store and I'm pleased with the results. The user experience for my affiliates is fantastic and it's quick and easy to fulfill special requests with custom affiliate links to specific product pages. The setup with Big Commerce was extremely easy as well. If you're looking for a solution that a non-programmer can get up and running within a day, look no further.

2 years ago by Tanya Gay

Soon after I signed up for the BigCommerce Cart, I signed up for the OSI Affiliate software so that I could try to get affiliates to help promote my products and services. The setup was really easy and they offer great support for any questions that I have. I'm really looking forward to using this software and I'm hoping to get increased sales. I highly recommend OSI Affiliate to any online business that is selling products or services online.

2 years ago by Patton

This has been an easy to use addition here. We researched many of the available options and for a small business Omnistar was great. The set up has been really easy and we have had great feedback from our users.

2 years ago by ROSANNA

Omnistar is easy to use, however, tracking is not compatible when orders are placed on a mobile device.
When asked how long will it be until the software is mobile compatible, we were told "I do not have a time frame at this time. There are many things that have to be developed and integrated for this to be able to work on all mobile devices".
Technical support is very very poor, with a slow turn-around of enquiries being answered. Sometimes I've had to send an enquiry twice before I receive an answer, and then they are one liners that are not very helpful to me at all. I've had to figure out things on my own due to the poor support.

2 years ago by Kate

I chose Omnistar as a new comer to affiliate marketing. I invested a lot of time and effort setting up the system, but it was difficult and I was plagued with problems at every single step. It was NOT what I was led to believe at all. The support was APPALLING - I mean really bad. I would use the live chat, and be told one thing, then I would get emails from someone else saying another thing. I would wait 24-48 hours before hearing back with unhelpful one-liner emails, then I'd have to write back and repeat myself, only to wait another 24 hours for more unhelpful "advice". I ended up moving my business away from Omnistar because everything ended up being trial and error, and figuring everything out on your own. There is nothing intuitive about it, the user guide is worthless, they fail to tell you basic information that would save you days of guess work... Honestly the whole thing was a shambles. I don't understand how they are in business - and I feel like the guy in charge doesn't give a damn about helping you achieve your business goals. I read reviews online before choosing Omnistar, some positive, some negative, but I decided to just ignore the bad ones and go for it. This decision was not the right one. In hindsight, I should have taken more time and chosen another company before wasting months of precious hours. PLEASE listen to the poor reviews, they are all completely accurate of the experience you are likely to have. Save yourself a lot of hassle and avoid Omnistar.

2 years ago by Edward Robinson

I recently signed up for the Omnistar Affiliate software shortly after I finished setting up my BigCommerce store and I found the setup process very easy and straight forward. I'm not a tech guy so I always look for solutions that are easy to setup and use. I'm very excited about using this software to recruit affiliates to help promote my products.

2 years ago by Jeremy Pearson

I signed up for the Omnistar Affiliate Software because I wanted something user friendly and easy to setup. The software met my expectations and I was able to get up in running without any help from my web developer. I highly recommend this software to any non-tech savvy person.

2 years ago by Jeremy Pearson usedlaptopoutlet.net

I signed up for the Omnistar Affiliate Software because I wanted something user friendly and easy to setup. The software met my expectations and I was able to get up in running without any help from my web developer. I highly recommend this software to any non-tech savvy person.

2 years ago by Mark Plummer www.electronic-cable-supplier.com

Nice piece of software guys! Very easy to setup and get going. I also really appreciated the free integration assistance. I've already been able to get some pretty serious affiliates to sign up and start promoting my products.

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