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Introducing Sokrati Shops - the most intelligent ecommerce marketing platform that you'd have ever seen! Acquire at least 40% more shoppers & revenues with 70% lower operational overheads from marketing your online store across Paid Search, Product Ads & Remarketing on Google, Facebook & more. Now, say goodbye to agencies, complicated workflow tools and non-transparent pricing!

Sell More with Sokrati Shops in less than 5 minutes!

  • Merchandise Intelligence: The platform auto-discovers top trending SKUs, seasonality, brand affinity & user personas for your store.
  • Powerful & Automated: With intelligent automation, the platform auto-generates image & text ad creatives. Campaigns are launched automatically and real-time optimizations kick in as soon as they go live.
  • Stays in Sync: Your product catalog and campaigns with Sokrati Shops are always in sync. No more out-dated marketing spends when prices change or products go out of stock.
  • Simplified Analytics: Get performance insights at Merchandise level (SKU, Category reports) - enabling smarter decision making.
  • Leveling the game: With enterprise-class platform, you can now compete efficiently with the larger players on a level-playing field.
  • Built for Retail: Sokrati Shops is specifically built for eCommerce by ex-Amazonians.

2 Simple Steps to get Started!

  1. Install Sokrati Shops app on your Bigcommerce store.
  2. Add your marketing budget with a credit card detail.

That's it. Sit back, relax & enjoy the ride. Sokrati Shops will design itself based on your Merchandise & Goals. Campaigns go live within 24 hours across channels including Facebook, Google & more!

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