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A floating footer (toolbar), placed at the bottom of your website pages, which boosts your Bigcommerce store.

  • Be There For Your Shoppers. Have all of your store's key assets in one place, always-on, including - In-site search, Checkout, Live chat, Social buttons, Coupons and more (supports all of your existing technology vendors for search, chat, etc.).
  • Give a Personal Experience. Automatically trigger the right experience for each shopper. Target specific shoppers with real-time coupons, free shipping, trigger a personal offer, marketing message or live chat support.

Usage is simple and genius: 2-min setup, No IT Required, Intuitive Config Panel & Dashboard. Easy customization to fully match your shop design and theme.

What can it do for you?

  • Increase Sales & Decrease Abandonment Rate. Each shopper is unique. Reward loyal customers with discount coupons to make them buy more, target new visitors with a personalized offer to increase order volume, automatically detect hesitating shoppers right before they bounce and proactively suggest to start a live chat session.
  • Display Promotional Messages. The Personal Bar enables you to display promotional messages with a call-to-action button. For example, you can easily set-up seasonal holiday offers (e.g. Christmas sale), a daily deal or a flash sale and specify which type of shoppers will get it.
  • Create Social Campaigns. Get more Facebook Likes & Fans, Twitter Shares, Google +1 and Pinterest virality by offering coupon incentives.
  • Reward your shoppers with Coupons Coupons rewarded by the module are visually displayed on the Personal Bar (at all times). This will be an additional motivation for customers to complete orders.
  • Easy, Magical & Free. 2-min set-up, a friendly self-service management portal and powerful reports

Also this Bigcommerce app:

  • is free
  • is easy to use
  • is quick to install (takes just 2-mins)
  • has a friendly self-service portal and powerful analytics report which would make you a true hero

Client Reviews (4)

So and so by John
Did not like the look and feel
Great app! Great Experience! by James Meek
This app is easy to use and, the support setting it up was excellent. Thank you
Great Experience! by Angeline Gallant
The cusomer support staff are extremely helpful. Great addition to your website.
Nice app! by Gidemin Bolock
I love this app! It's nice addition to my tools for promotion