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PERSONALIZE-iT Product Customizer with Live Preview

Select the best Product Personalization App & Online Configurator for your products at

Our extension then enables you to add the app to individual products on your store so your customers can personalize and create products online. Once created the app passes a thumbnail to your shopping cart and then creates print ready artwork for your production.

You can set up your own products at our Custom Product Platform or use one of our generic templates - examples to try with the extension 2D T-Shirt & 3D Mug


  • Requires a subscription to PERSONALIZE-iT
  • Adds an attribute for product URL that will display our Product Personalization App as an iframe on the product detail page
  • Choose one of our standard apps or you can update the CSS to fit in exactly with your chosen theme
  • Can be used to customize any product - see examples
  • Enables personalized products to be added from the iframe directly to your standard BigCommerce shopping basket
  • Enables you to add to a single product or install a product selector
  • Integrates with BigCommerce to get latest prices for single and grouped products
  • Enables easy import of personalized products data from the Custom Gateway CPP
  • Global network of connected fulfilment partners for popular personalized products available
  • Full technical support @

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