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Personalized Recommendation is your virtual salesman: get to know what customers need, suggest the right products accordingly, boost their order value, and help you achieve your ultimate goal of maximum sales growth.

  • Increase sales by suggesting the right products customers may be interested in, based on their behavior and purchase history.
  • Tailor recommendations to each of your unique customers with highly advanced recommendation algorithms
  • Our pricing scales with your business. No setup cost, no fixed subscription fee. Only 4% of extra sales generated for you, and FREE if it makes you no money!

Recommend products in 4 ways

➹ Bought this also bought

By collecting and analyzing sales data from all customers, suggest items most frequently bought together

➹ Best sellers of the store

Present the hottest products of your store right in the homepage, thus increase sales volumes of your most potentially sold items

➹ Recently viewed & featured recommendations

Remind customers of items they viewed and are interested in, together with featured recommendations based on their browsing and purchase history

➹ Cart recommendations

Suggest the most relevant additional products that a customer will possibly want by grasping their tastes and preferences based on everything in their shopping cart

➹ NEW FEATURE: Smart Upsell Popup

A much more powerful feature to lift up your add-cart rate and boost more sales, by actively upselling to current customers who are interested in making purchase.

When customers add an item from recommendations widget, a nice & clean upsell popup window will come up to suggest them more related items they mostly want to buy.

♡ A top-notch app trusted by 10K+ eCommerce entrepreneurs

  • Freely design recommendation widgets to match your store's theme
  • Support all languages and currency
  • Beautifully responsive on both desktop and all mobile devices
  • No burden on your Marketing budget because the app pays for itself: 4% of extra sales it makes for you and free if it generates no sales!

Go live with Personalized Recommendation in under 2 minutes and boost sales like Amazon!

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Client Reviews (4)

A must-have app at very fair price about 4 days ago by
While I've only just installed this today and have yet to await results, I think it looks great and deserves the 5 stars. The installation was nice and simplistic with a fair amount of customisable options. It feels like this is what my store was missing out on. I'm hoping my sales increase so this developer can receive his cut of the pie. At 4%, this is very fair for what's on offer. Thank you.
Easy to set up and it works 2 months ago by
Setting up this app on my Stencil theme was very easy. I wish it gave me more control over which products to recommend in which locations, but it works. It generates additional sales. And since we pay for it as a percentage of sales, it's definitely worth a try.
The BEST product recommendation app 5 months ago by
We switched from a similar app that couldn't handle our large catalog. This Personalized Recommendation app is the best, it handles our large catalog and the tech support team is quick to respond to any issue and resolve it in a timely manner. Thank you Rachel and the Beeketing team, you guys are the best!
Best Products Recommendation App!! 5 months ago by
This is the BEST app for personalized products recommendation. It works easily with stores having over 200k SKU and their support is excellent, they always solve any issues we have in a professional and timely manner. 5 stars!