Personalized Recommendations

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✔️ Increase sales by suggesting the right products customers may be interested in, based on their behavior and purchase history.

✔️ Tailor recommendations to each of your unique customers with highly advanced recommendation algorithms

✔️ Our pricing scales with your business. No set-up cost, no fixed subscription fee. Only 4% of extra sales generated for you, and FREE if it makes you no money!

Boosts your sales by automatically recommending the right products that your customers want to buy!

  1. Collect and analyze shopping behaviors from all customers and store's sales history
  2. Use machine learning to study what your customers are interested in and most likely want to buy
  3. With advanced recommendation algorithms, it automatically suggests the right products to the right customers

Recommend products in 4 ways

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➹ Best sellers of the store

➹ Recently viewed & featured recommendations

➹ Cart recommendations

♡ A top-notch app trusted by 5K+ entrepreneurs

  1. Freely design recommendation widgets to match your store's theme
  2. Support all languages and currency
  3. Beautifully responsive on both desktop and all mobile devices
  4. No burden on your Marketing budget because the app pays for itself: 4% of extra sales it makes for you and free if it generates no sales!

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