Pickn'Tell - Turn your Store into a Mobile App


Boost sales and customer loyalty with Pickn'Tells' branded mobile application. Easily transform your BigCommerce store into your very own customized iPhone or Android application in an instant. Your app will include: catalog browsing, m-commerce, coupons, gift cards, events, community, Social Media sharing, shopper's gallery & wish list, push campaigns. You may optionally use in-store engagement tablets, and barcode scanning from shopper's mobile phone.

Taking your company mobile

Increase revenues by strengthening the relationship you have with loyal and new customers by bringing your store to their mobile phone. Your application collects and analyzes data from all touch points, allowing you to easily deliver a seamless shopping experience through personalized promotions and recommendations.


Your branded mobile application includes:

  • Mobile Catalog - Users can browse through latest store offerings, share them in your applications community forum, easily access product information, and redirection to your e-commerce site during checkout.
  • Barcode Scanning - Facilitates storing of items, helping shoppers track their shopping trips, and keeps your brand at the front of their mind. For the retailer this adds to the world of new available customer behavior data.


  • Wish list and Gallery ñ From our experience this is the strongest feature for both customers and retailers. Shoppers can save items they love and make the purchase when they are ready. They can also share this activity bringing more traction to your store. From all of this activity you as the retailer gain valuable insights (e.g. most saved items) which can be used to send personalized recommendations and promotions.
  • Coupons, Gift Cards, Events - Shoppers can store and share coupons, promotional events and e-gift cards, all of which can easily be channeled into targeted mobile campaigns which can be tracked in the backend system provided.

Push campaigns - Targeted rich media (promotions, images, videos, text, gift cards) mobile push campaigns based on shoppers profile and usage history

  • Reward points - For activity done inside or outside of the physical store.
  • Questionnaires and Surveys - Automatically send specific action based questionnaires and/or surveys straight to your shoppers' mobile phones. (E.g. product feedback, service feedback after making a purchase, etc.)

Social Community

  • Drive sales by uniting your commerce platform with the content being shared about your brand.
  • Users can share items from your store onto their social networks and connect to our community of fashion lovers, stylists and bloggers where they can discover new items, offers, get feedback, and follow or friend their favorite style inspirations.

Digital Mirrors

In-store engagement for physical retailers

  • Transform any iPad or Tablet device into an interactive mirror with our patented digital mirror technology.
  • Mirrors are controlled by your mobile application, meaning shoppers can take, save, and share pictures and videos of themselves.
  • Our interactive in-store digital mirrors provide a fun, innovative way for customers to enjoy your store while connecting their shopping experience to their friends back at home. For retailers, these function as great enrichment to your physical stores and connect them to the virtual worlds of e-commerce and social networks.
  • The result? Your store becomes a channel to increase your brands presence and the items in your stores are shared socially.
  • Details: We remotely install the licensing key and mirror function capabilities to any iPad or Tablet. See pricing for subscription fees.
From $19 - $118 / month
Free trial
31 days