Picreel Exit Offer

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Picreel helps to convert exiting website visitors into targeted leads.

  • Increase your sales with showing attractive offer
  • Prevent visitors from leaving your website and your shopping cart with exit intent technology
  • Know everything from visits to conversions with insight analytics

How does it work? 

By analyzing the overall mouse velocity and movement, our technology can detect when a visitor is about to leave your website. At that precise moment we can trigger an event to stop the visitor from leaving your webpage. 

You will see an instant conversion increase for your offers, and you can recover up to 25% of all abandoning visitors, whom you can retarget to follow up.

Picreel technology tracks precisely where your mouse was, where it is, and where it is going. It looks like a heatmap, where we track every movement. By analyzing the duration of overall velocity, we can anticipate when visitors are about to leave the browser. Right at that split second Picreel can trigger an event to stop visitors from leaving.

What do you get when you use Picreel?

Free custom design 

Get amazing custom design that fits for the style of your website

Exit-Intent Technology 

Now your website visitors will stay longer with Exit Intent!


Know everything from visits to conversions with insight analytics

A/B Testing 

Test compatibility for maximum efficiency with A/B Testing

Mail marketing integration 

Send newsletters, sales videos and gift cards all from one place

$19.00 - $399.00 / month

Client Reviews (19)

Satisfied over 3 years ago by Devid New Insignia http://new-insignia.mybigcommerce.com

It’s great that Picreel integrates easily with our BigCommerce store. The app integrated automatically offering designs that match our site layout very nicely. We also value that the reports allow us to analyze the statistics and make immediate improvements. In addition, it was easy to get a free demo. We are satisfied with the app! It has a good roi.

Great combination with BC over 3 years ago by Arthur Conley http://bennett-brothers.mybigcommerce.com/

Picreel is indeed a great combination with Bigcommerce. The app benefits all ecommerce stores. It is very easy to create own designs for widgets. Otherwise, I can choose from a great variety of templates already preset to the demands. Nice! Also, great customer service. My team used it for our best shops, and now I will subscribe again. Thanks, Arthur

Best method over 3 years ago by Richard Kane http://crush-international.mybigcommerce.com/

We have tried several methods of increasing conversions and generating leads. Picreel is undoubtedly the best method for several reasons. It seems that customers are not annoyed, and we can see how conversion rate increases. The app offers a real benefit to our store. We have generated hundreds of new leads in just a few weeks.

Good choice! over 3 years ago by Steven T http://nextdoor-inc.mybigcommerce.com/

I chose this app because of great functionality. First, I can integrate with many email services. For anything else, Picreel integrates perfectly with Zapier. Second, it allows me to automate many aspects of my business. Third, everything is customizable. Fourth, Picreel has a very easy to read report that allows you to pull all kinds of data that is necessary. There are several cro tools to choose from at the bigcommerce app store. I’ve tried many of them and this is my final choice.

Great. Recommend over 3 years ago by Walter Gavin http://resin-international.mybigcommerce.com

Great marketing service. I really recommend it. 

a must have over 3 years ago by Erasmos Bayne http://rosebud-factory.mybigcommerce.com

The app is awesome. Very easy to integrate into your website, and it gets the result fast. For sure a must have for any e-commerce business. I highly recommend this!

Amazing over 3 years ago by Cele Chambers http://woodchuck.mybigcommerce.com/

Amazing app! It actually makes numbers easy and understandable (a/b tests, cro, etc); and it is free. I am impressed

Like it! over 3 years ago by Justin Ruff http://babushka-inc.mybigcommerce.com/

I've been using Picreel for a couple of months now for different stores. The setup is easy and the support is excellent. It's awesome that our website visitors get accurate, timely pop-ups that influence visitors to sign up. It is saving us countless hours finding leads and increase conversions. Everything is automated and it's awesome! 

Easy, fast, friendly. over 3 years ago by Olga Naumann http://sweetwater-factory.mybigcommerce.com/

We would like to say thank you to Picreel for their awesome services in helping us generating targeted leads. There was a problem on our website with poor conversion rate, but thanks to this app we are seeing higher conversions everyday!

Easy to use, fast and friendly, thanks guys!

So far so good over 3 years ago by Raymonde Thompson http://hotdip-works.mybigcommerce.com

We have just installed the app. If it will offer all that it promised, it will be an excellent integration for a reasonable price. Actually, we have been looking for an app like this for quite some time now and have spoken to some other companies, who offer similar programs. Usually, CRO is expensive. Picreel seems to be a nice solution. Well, so far so good. 

Good one for marketing kit over 3 years ago by Smith Lawrence http://jumping-eyewax.mybigcommerce.com/

I think there is no easier CRO tool to install. It literally took me 5 minutes and I had my pop-up running. I really liked that Picreel integrates easily with Google Analytics, Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor and other internet marketing tools, which is an essential kit for marketers. Highly recommended!

Recommend over 3 years ago by Sean Clarck http://giant-open-air.mybigcommerce.com/

Not bad at all! The installation was really easy. We didn't need web designer's help. An increase in leads was noticed almost immediately. Quite many new customers signed up. Free trial for 1 month is also cool. Highly recommend!

Picreel is awesome over 3 years ago by Kevin C Victorino http://kevinstore.mybigcommerce.com/

Picreel is a simple yet good looking app! The functionality of customizing pop-ups is outstanding. The support team was prompt and helpful. I would definitely recommend this app. Looking forward to growing my website with this integration. 

Great CRO tool over 3 years ago by Ken http://beauty-madness.mybigcommerce.com/

Honestly, if I can set this up on my own, anyone can. That’s great that one does not need to hire a special guy for optimizing own website. After I have looked at a few other apps, I decided to run with Picreel for CRO and lead generation. Generally, the app was easy to install and run. I had some questions in the beginning and the team responded to all my questions. I'm looking forward to using Picreel as a tool to increase conversions on my website. So far it works great.

Good investment over 3 years ago by Paul Pritchard http://watchamacallit.mybigcommerce.com/

Hello. I have just finished my 30 days trial and signed up to continue using Picreel. The numbers show that it’s really worthy. The set up is easy. Customer service so far has been very helpful and quick. The app itself does the job. Looking forward to seeing how the app pushes my online store to the next level.

A+ over 3 years ago by Anthony Wilson http://little-missy-amp--039-s-stationary-shop.mybigcommerce.com/

Hello! I think this app is crucial for all serious online shops. It's not only functional with numerous features, but also beautifully designed. The pop-ups can be customized so that they look perfectly on any website. The app is also extremely easy to use. Customer service is also exceptional. Overall, definitely worth the investment! A+

Good looking app over 3 years ago by Michael Ray http://walk-my-dog.mybigcommerce.com/

Hi. Picreel is a brilliant application to manage conversions, offer discounts to customers, and generate subscribers. I really like the way it appears on my website. I mean the app allows me to modify the pop-up according to my layouts and colors, which maintains the great design. Easy to install and I love how it looks on my shop. It's very functional. I highly recommend to get Picreel. And it offers a free trial!

A gift for ecommerce over 3 years ago by Stephen Matthews http://my-gadget-shop.mybigcommerce.com/

This is absolutely a must-have app. It does everything to manage conversion rates and new leads, however, it is much easier to learn and use than many alternatives. I'm a newbie to the ecommerce world and this app is a real gift. These guys know how to make a perfect pop up box for my store, which is amazing because I HATE coding!

Fantastic over 3 years ago by Alodia Cruz http://faisean.mybigcommerce.com/

This is a great app for a store. It's easy to use, install, and it has helped in generating leads. Increases sales and conversion rates. Fast and helpful customer support. Thank you! Recommended.