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Don't worry about the logistics of t-shirt fulfillment. Print Aura specializes in printing/shipping of print on demand products for small and large companies. With Print Aura you can choose from 100+ products, carry no inventory and just pay for orders that your customers order. There are no minimum order requirements or membership fees. Orders get shipped to your customers by Print Aura and look they were shipped by you. Print Aura is a 100% white-label solution that provides you with a backend to track the progress of your orders.

Product Selection

Print Aura offers over 100 different garments with brands that include Next Level, American Apparel, Bella, Canvas, Gildan, Rabbit Skins and more.

Print Aura cares about your brand.

We offer fantastic customer service and will do whatever we can to help your business succeed. We stand behind the quality of our products and print technology. If for any reason you have a problem with an order your customer receives please let us know.

Client Reviews (2)

horrible service- inconsistent products about 1 year ago by
AVOID!! Use Printful instead. Print Aura takes forever to ship and has shipped several misprinted items that were very embarrassing for us, as they were drop shipped. One pillow was poorly sewn with the image printed on the seam instead of the print, and mismatched at that. Numerous calls lead to voicemail only. All support emails get returned as mailbox unknown. Save yourself a lot of hassle and find another printer.
Print Aura does not integrate with Bigcommerce at this time. about 1 year ago by
So, I have Print Aura. I have Bigcommerce. I have the Print Aura - Bigcommerce app. What I do not have is Print Aura products on Bigcommerce. I'm pretty disappointed that the seemless integration Print Aura claims to have with Bigcommerce does not appear to accurate at this time. I have a help request in with Print Aura, and I am awaiting a response. I will update my rating if this is resolved quickly. Unfortunately, I planned to exclusively sell Print Aura products, so I have NO PRODUCTS to sell at this time and I cannot launch my site on schedule. Very disappointing. Update: After 24 hours, Print Aura told me they would START addressing the fact the app is not working. They told me they would need the login name and password for my Bigcommerce account before they could start working on THEIR app!!! I think step 2 is waiting for a Nigerian prince to send me money. Obviously I did not give them my password, and I HIGHLY recommend that you do not either. Interestingly, after I told them I would not give them my password, they stopped responding to my emails. Needless to say, I am moving on to another vendor.