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About the app

Printify is the only tool you need for Print-On-Demand services.

  • 550+ Custom Products
  • Printing Partner Network
  • Fulfillment and Dropshipping

With over two million active merchants, Printify is a leading all-in-one solution for modern print-on-demand needs. Any merchant can make a new customized product in seconds — then have those items automatically synced to an online store. All the back-end logistics are handled by our experts, including printing, sourcing, and shipping. This makes your business, truly your business.

What you get with Printify:

1. Catalogue of over 550 print on demand products.

2. Best Product Costs on the Market.

3. Simple creation process for new items.

4. A comprehensive network of 65 print providers over 90 locations. This means faster global fulfillment, better prices, and more creative options for merchants.

5. Automatic Syncing. All products can be swapped over to an eCommerce platform or marketplace in moments.

How does Printify work?

  1. Click the "Add app" button.
  2. Create an account with Printify or sign in with your Existing Account.
  3. Choose a product and a Print Provider.
  4. Upload your design file to the Mockup Generator.
  5. Publish your product. It will automatically sync with your store.
  6. Sell those now-viable products. Printify will take care of fulfillment and shipping.

About Printify

We're passionate about changing lives for the better. Our aim is to break down the overcomplicated global printing industry. This way, everyone gets a fair chance to create great products, drive sales, and run their own businesses.

App Features

Mockup Generator

Create products with ease and publish mockups with custom designs.

24/7 merchant support

Support and Success teams handle order-related questions and help you sell more.

Shipping Calculator

Automatically add Printify's flat rate shipping prices to customer's shopping carts.

550+ Custom Products

Create custom t-shirts, mugs, home decors, and much more in seconds with our user-friendly Mockup Generator.

Print Partner Network

Access a global network of print providers. This means that, no matter where your business is, you'll have options. Instead of being locked into using a single provider, choose the one that has the best shipping times, lowest production cost, most colors/sizes, or fits your business better.

Case Studies

Designer makes $700k in revenue in his first year of business

Nothing makes you learn faster than getting out there, trying stuff and seeing the results for yourself, tells us Mike Pasley. As someone who's made $700k in revenue during his first year in business, Mike is the kind of guy you'd trust with business savvy advice.

His shop,, has grown from an unknown online store to a reputable apparel brand backed by a passionate community in less than two years, but it took Mike a fair amount of experimentation to unlock the secret sauce of running a profitable eCommerce business.

A pastor uses print on demand to generate $200k for do-good projects

Can a pastor run a successful eCommerce business?

With more than $200k in sales revenue and a community-backed, thriving brand, Carlos Rodriguez, a pastor and founder of The Happy Givers, provides a pretty convincing answer.

How a father started a social movement and made $100,000 in a month

A few years ago, Charles Smith, a young father living in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, left corporate America in pursuit of happiness. He had grown frustrated by the daily robotic routine and was yearning to get involved in something more fulfilling.

With a family depending on him and no regular income, achieving his dream was proving to be difficult. That is until he discovered the potential of print-on-demand. Charles found his niche and started a brand that resonates with him and what he knows: fatherhood.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None


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