Product Clues

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  • Get started in 30 seconds, literally
  • Export performance reports directly from your store
  • Validate any page on your site in seconds

All the data you need, right on your store!

With Product Clues creating a smarter analytics strategy is as simple as navigating to your store and switching it on.

  • Bring out the better analyst in you: Forget charts and graphs, get easy to interpret data overlaid on every product, campaign and more directly on your online store.
  • Visuals are everything online: Discover how shoppers interact with site banners and the products on each. Validate your landing pages in seconds.
  • What works and where: Find out how products perform under different page page position, visibility and other conditions. Feature the best prominently.
  • Easy data exports: Not only do you get insights on every page in your store, you can also export any of these reports and share them with your team.
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