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Always keeping your customers informed about your promotions and free shipping offers is a key element of managing customer relationship and increasing sales. Informing them with an auto-display banner on your website is a simple but effective way to achieve this. Promo Banner makes that even easier and quicker.

Easy to Setup:

  • A banner can be configured within 30 seconds by utilizing our curated templates
  • Call to action button on the banner, 1-click, visitors will dash to the page that you want them to go to

Advanced Targeting:

  • Geo targeting, set banner to only display to visitors from selected countries
  • Display Page targeting, define banner to only display on certain pages, such as all pages, home page only, product pages, or any pages by giving the URLs or keywords
  • Exclude page targeting, define banner not to display on certain pages, such as home page only, product pages, or any pages by giving the URLs or keywords
  • Device targeting, set the banner to display on only mobile, desktop, or both

Fully Customizable and Responsive:

  • Support emojis in the banner messages
  • Everything on the banner is customizable to fit your store style
  • Banner can be configured to display at any desired positions on your website
  • Responsive, and optimized for all screen sizes including desktop, tablet, and mobile

★★★★★We do Not put our App logo on the banner to make your site look unprofessional!

★★★★★ Unlimited number of impressions!

1 click installation, 0 developers needed!

Let your websites start telling your customers about your promotions and offers today!

Client Reviews (1)

Excellent App about 26 days ago by
This app was very easy and extremely fast to set up. It works perfectly. It's easy to customize and looks great. I am very happy with it. You're going to love it.