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Promotify helps you collect, curate, and display customer-generated photos on your store.

Why use this?

1. Displaying customer-generated photos in your product pages can increase your conversion by well over 25%

2. Customer-generated photos are one of the most trusted and efficient forms of word of mouth.

Main Features

  • Get customers to post pictures with your custom hashtag
  • Monitor, tag, and organize incoming photos
  • Display photos in your store, relevant to the currently displayed product
  • Automatically request pictures at the right time using our built-in shipment tracker
  • View metrics such as people who viewed or liked your photos

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Client Reviews (4)

Terrible customer service about 1 year ago by
I've had some issues with the app and have contacted them in order to solve the issues, but after a week of waiting for a reply, I have decided to uninstall the app. Truly unfortunate because I was really excited about using this app.
tried it, Cost to much $$$$$ over 3 years ago by XTREME GAMEROOM

Had had little trouble connecting to the twitter and Instagram, but right clicked on  the connect button and opened in new tab and connected fine. i put in a test hashtag and that was a mistake it downloard 500 pic and would not let me delete them, even thou i deleted the hashtag. All in all its cool app that will help promote and i would use it but not at 50$ a month its not worth that try $10 a month and you might have somthing. 

Couldn't get a response from the company over 3 years ago by

I  was really excited to add this to our site.  I installed it and it wasn't working properly.  I emailed the company numerous times and never got a response.  I finally had to delete it.

Great Support, Great Product over 3 years ago by

Personally helped by the good people at Promotify whenever I had an issue with the install. The app itself is brilliant and just what I needed. It's helping convert and worth the price!