Promotion Bar

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Easily add a beautiful top or bottom visual sticky bar to your store. Communicate important messages or promotions, encourage social sharing or collect emails, all in a friendly elegant fashion.

  • Add your custom message to the top bar
  • Moving text feature
  • Customize colors and fonts freely
  • Add a link button to drive more traffic to a specific product - either your own pages or an outside website
  • Collect emails from your visitors through the top bar
  • Send leads straight to Mailchimp
  • Add a Facebook like and share buttons
  • Add a tweet button
  • Add eye catching animation

The Promotion Bar appears in every page of your website, and attracts the visitor's attentions in a non-invasive efficient way. The Bar makes it easy to share a custom message with your audience, and make sure it's noticed. It also improves the conversion of social media sharing and email collecting, and helps you grow your community and mailing lists.

$7.99 / month
Free trial
7 days

Client Reviews (4)

Does not work after the free trial about 1 year ago by http://http:/
We used this through the trial period. Immediately after paying for the service, it quit working. I have emailed. They told me to uninstall and reinstall. I have done that. It is still not working. We have now lost 36 hours of marketing on our website during our sale.
Simple and Useful over 2 years ago by

Really good for collecting emails and posting updates. Easy setup. 

Over Quota Error over 2 years ago by Mark Russo

On Cyber Monday I get an error message saying "This application is temporarily over its serving quota. Please try again later."  On such an important online shopping day that is not what I want to have happening on our website.  It is a good app when it works.

Great App and good support over 2 years ago by

Very easy to setup, and brings in subscribers very efficiently. Also asked support to add a new font and they did it quickly!