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How do you stay friendly and helpful to your customers, and increase sales at the same time?

The key to never miss any sales is to be a casual and helpful friend, not a seller.

74% of shoppers are frequently active on Facebook. So, why not leverage your Facebook page account and make it the most friendly customer support channel ever?

✓ Chat with customers on your store as Facebook friends

When shopping around on your store, customers can instantly send direct messages to your Facebook page's message inbox. After that, both you and your customer can follow up the conversation anytime, anywhere with Facebook messenger.

✓ Get closer to customers and engage them for more sales in the future

With Quick Facebook Chat, you are chatting with customer's personal Facebook account, not just anonymous online accounts, so you can personalize your conversation with each customer. It's never been so easier to get closer, build trust and establish a social relationship with your customers like between real people, and what's next, more sales are coming your way!

✓ Why should you use Quick Facebook Chat by Beeketing?

  • No more online support agents, just you and your customer chatting anytime, anywhere on Facebook messenger.
  • Totally FREE forever.
  • Super easy and simple to install, no coding required!
  • Customized color and text to make the chat widget fit into your store's design.
  • Increase Facebook likes for your page right on the chat widget.
  • View customers' Facebook profiles, understand their interests and personalize messages. Catch up anytime to sell more items to them.

Let's get started with Quick Facebook Chat - the Best Free BigCommerce App to start building one-on-one relationship with your customers!

Need our support? Reach us here:

  • Support email: hi@beeketing.com
  • Website: http://beeketing.com
  • Phone: +1 (650) 666-0985

Client Reviews (16)

Works as promised about 6 days ago by Imaginations Costume & Dance http://www.imaginationscostumes.com/
Very easy to use and customize. Hasn't slowed down my website at all and messages are instantly sent to Facebook.
installation about 8 days ago by mat...com
Haven't install yet and asking for Review :) I will Review once it will be working
Amazing about 8 days ago by Best4garden http://best4garden.co.uk
This app takes seconds and easy to install, enabled us to improve communications with customers and conversion rate while all messages from customers going straight to our customer service software . Recommended
Quick Facebook Chat about 9 days ago by moi...com
Great App!!!
Easy about 24 days ago by sal...com http://www.spotcolorsupply.com/
Cool Product, easy to install
very good app about 1 month ago by ton...com http://www.popounion.com
very good app
Thank you Great app about 1 month ago by usa...com http://www.blueberryglasses.us
Greta app. Easy to install. I'm looking forward to communicate with my customers
Great App about 1 month ago by Hel...com http://thewtfactoryshop.com
Love this app, haven't seen any activity yet but we're building a bot and hope to get some activity soon
So far so good 2 months ago by inf...com http://wickedstones.com
I've just started using this app. It was easy to set up and I like that I can change the position of the link on my site as well as the colour. So far, it's working out okay.
Great ap 3 months ago by noi...com http://www.noirbox.gr
Amazing app.
Perfect for our niche market! 3 months ago by jul....ca http://www.portia-ella.ca
We adore this app! It came just at the right time and allowed to step up our customer service and encourage more people to chat us up! The only thing I wish would be better on it is on the mobile side, it doesn't connect with the Page app to respond to message. Thanks for creating that app!
Facebook Quick Chat 4 months ago by csb...com
I love this app very much. Thanks a lot for giving us this free and very useful app.
Facebook Quickchat 6 months ago by oj-...com https://medicalcloset.com
I love this app as it is a useful tool that could replace the need for live chat. The team that develop this is truly appreiated.
Love it! 7 months ago by jua...com http://www.juanitaskitchen.com.au
Really easy to install. Being a small business it's important to have cheap, quick and easy options to communicate with potential customers. My favourite thing is being able to get these messages directly to my phone which means I can respond immediately. love it!
Very nice App 8 months ago by kin...com http://www.kinztut.com
Really nice app from beeketing, i use it a long with betterCouponBox and can't wait till they add the "Happy Email" app
Incredibly Easy 8 months ago by con...com https://www.fluffandfamilia.com
The ability to customize the chat feature to fit themes and enable the chat ability on the page is a lifesaver. Since I run my business from home, getting Facebook messages on my phone allows me to provide a great response to customers; giving them this immediate ability from the website is a must.