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About the app

B2B Ninja (formerly Quote Ninja) is a BigCommerce quoting app that builds professional quotes in a few clicks. B2B Ninja is fully integrated with BigCommerce, allowing customers to easily build their own quotes from your storefront. Sales reps can view, manage, and create quotes from a centralized dashboard. B2B Ninja is built for B2B businesses and is the B2B tool you need to generate additional revenue while saving time.

It's time to revolutionize your quote process with B2B Ninja!

✪ Make it easy for your customers to create quotes on your storefront

✪ View / Edit / Track / Manage your quotes in a centralized dashboard

✪ Allow your customers to seamlessly checkout from quotes you send

✪ Built for B2B Enterprises with API Integration Available

✪ Quote Ninja was created by a BigCommerce B2B merchant who truly understands the quoting needs of B2B companies.

✪ We service merchants of all sizes from 1 man operations to large Fortune 500 companies


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App Features

★ Fully Integrated w/ BigCommerce

  • Quote Ninja was built from the ground up around BigCommerce
  • Customers can submit single or multi-product quote requests direct from your product or cart page
  • Generate quotes from our dashboard using your BC products utilizing all your shipping, tax, price rules, etc.
  • No product import or maintenance necessary.
  • ShipperHQ & Avalara supported
  • Create custom products on the fly. (Can be used seamlessly in BC checkout)
★ Single Click Quote to Order for Sales Reps & Customers

  • Sales reps can easily convert a quote to an order with the click of a button.
  • No need for double data entry.
  • Quotes are sent with an optional checkout link to allow customers to complete their purchase through your shopping cart.
★ All your Quotes in one Easy to Use Dashboard

  • Multi-user support
  • Track the status of your quotes
  • Detailed history and restore features.
  • See if/when quotes are opened and or clicked, and by who.
★ PDF Quote Creation & File Attachments

  • Quickly email beautiful HTML quotes with a copy of quote in .pdf format attached.
  • Download / Save / Print your quote as .pdf
  • Store and/or email attachments with your quotes
★ Support for Advanced Product Types, Enterprise Price Lists, Custom Branded Quotes & more features than they allow us to list here!

  • We support product options, variants, option rules, and custom fields.
  • Configure optioned products in our dashboard just as your customer would on the product page.
  • Beautiful built in fully customizable and unlimited quote templates
  • Easily manipulate quote templates using our extensive list of variables.
  • Your brand matters, and your quote styling should reflect your brand.
  • Use built in BC Shipping and Tax Settings to provide fully validated quote
  • Set a custom shipping rate to bill a customer and override your cart shipping
  • Quote only catalogs, customer group restrictions, API integrations, and the list goes on.......

If you don't see the feature you need? Reach out, as if it has to do with quoting, we've probably have a solution for it, or are working one. Increasing our customers revenue though quote management is the only thing we're focused on ;-)

Case Studies

Bulk Bookstore Revolutionizes Their Quoting Process Using Quote Ninja

The Problem: Bulk Bookstore was losing too much time manually entering quotes that could be as long as 125 unique items. With quotes accounting for 25% of their business, something needed to change.

The Solution: Customers populate quote requests through Quote Ninja, which seamlessly integrates with BigCommerce. Sales staff can use the Quote Ninja dashboard to respond to requests with custom quotes which include a unique checkout link.

The Result: Bulk Bookstore saves significant time using Quote Ninja's seamless BigCommerce integration, removing the need for manual data entry. The included checkout links make it easy for customers to finalize their purchases.

GTech Fitness Saves Time and Money Using Quote Ninja

The Problem: GTech Fitness was spending too much time and money keeping up with quotes. They were using a quote management system that did not integrate into BigCommerce, causing repeated manual data entry and major headaches.

The Solution: Quote Ninja is an affordable tool that integrates seamlessly into BigCommerce, allowing for a company to receive, respond to, and manage quotes all in one place.

The Result: GTech Fitness reduced 95% of the time initially spent on quote management by using Quote Ninja's affordable app to eliminate the use of separate and expensive quote building tools, slashing their overhead costs.

Atlanta Light Bulbs Reaches New Customers Using Quote Ninja

The Problem: Atlanta Light Bulbs supplies lighting products to a wide variety of customers through their BigCommerce storefront. A one-price-fits-all approach won't work; they need to be able to tailor quotes to each specific customer. Some buyers are ready to purchase immediately, while others may be looking for a bulk discount to be applied to their quote.

The Solution: Quote Ninja seamlessly integrates with BigCommerce to provide quote buttons to the storefront, so customers have the freedom to choose how they want to move forward.

The Result: Atlanta Light Bulbs can now provide quotes that fit their customers regardless of order size or industry. They can provide a quote for customers who may not be ready to buy right away, encouraging them to come back when the time is right.

Rescue Essentials Streamlines Their Sales Process Using Quote Ninja

The Problem: Rescue Essentials' sales reps were pouring their time into managing quotes from their main customers. They were using a custom code to help manage quotes on an outdated BigCommerce template. After they upgraded, that code became incompatible with their new template.

The Solution: Quote Ninja seamlessly integrates with BigCommerce, eliminating the need for custom, ad hoc solutions, and giving sales teams the freedom to spend less time managing quotes and more time making sales.

The Result: Rescue Essentials' sales reps save time and money, while converting twice as many quotes into sales thanks to Quote Ninja's easy-to-use tools and responsive support.

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  • Custom Price:
    Plans Starting at $75/ month

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