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Keeps you focused

Knowing a customer's past orders, order numbers, and returns status without having to search will turn you into a customer service superstar and help keep you focused on what's important - selling.

Reamaze also works with your favorite apps like ShipStation, Klaviyo, MailChimp, Slack, HipChat, G Suite, and much more!

Email, Social, and Mobile Together

Reamaze allows you to bring in your email, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram comments and messages into one place so you can interact with customers no matter where they are. Reamaze also offers SMS/MMS integrations for expanded communciation channels. On the move? Use the iOS or Android mobile apps to stay in touch with customers!

Simple, Integrated Chat

Easily add both Live and Offline support to your site with Reamaze.js. Online or offline, Reamaze will give your customers the best available option depending on available staff.

Real time chat is available in two modes.

Need to engage online customers proactively? Create rules and conditions to automatically message them using Reamaze Cues (see

Reamaze also offers SEO-friendly script loading!

Know Your Customers

Add custom identifiable attributes to customer profiles and easily manage their value to your business. Reamaze will attach a custom data block with relevant customer information to the conversation. More context means better support.

BigCommerce data for your shared team inbox! Once the Reamaze app is installed, your BigCommerce customers' order information will be displayed within conversations.

Use Reamaze's automated Customer Satisfaction Surveys to gauge your service quality when a conversation has been resolved!


  • Embedded real time chat
  • Proactive messaging with Reamaze Cues
  • Live dashboard for real time customer monitoring
  • Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram support
  • SMS/MMS integrations
  • Hosted public Help Sites
  • External and internal FAQs
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys and ratings
  • Reamaze Cues for proactive on-site engagement and messaging
  • iOS and Android mobile apps available
  • Multi-brand management
  • Simple CRM
  • Customizable email templates
  • Works on mobile devices
  • Customer appreciations
  • Workflow automation
  • Reporting
  • 3rd party apps
  • Widget builder (contact form and embeddable widget builder)
  • Conversation management (tagging, forwarding, internal notes, permalinks, response templates, collision detection, etc.)
  • And much more!
BigCommerce Integration Details:
  • Dedicated BigCommerce UI in Reamaze conversations
  • Fast data syncing from BigCommerce to Reamaze
  • View past and current customer orders
  • See total order count
  • See order creation date, time, and type
  • See BigCommerce Customer Group
  • View order line items
  • View staff notes and comments
  • View shipping and fulfillment status
  • Directly access order in BigCommerce from Reamaze

Try Reamaze free and enter the world of beautiful, simple, customer support.

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Client Reviews (13)

Great live chat experience for customers about 22 days ago by
Great platform for helpdesk combined with CRM, live chat, and customer messaging. It works with all our communication channels with customers and turns our messy management into a shared inbox with easy to use features.
The perfect helpdesk about 1 month ago by
I've used many helpdesk products in the past and it doesn't get any better or simpler than Reamaze. This is a well thought out product with the perfect set of features. It took me about 10 minutes to set everything up. Literally. I can help customers using Live Chat directly on my store. I can even see what customers are doing and where they go. Works with my emails and social accounts too. Customer service is outstanding.
Wow. Such a powerful platform. about 1 month ago by
I've used zendesk, freshdesk, and more recently intercom. Reamaze is a replacement for all of them. I've been using it for a few hours now and reached out to their support already. They're extremely helpful and helped me get set up with the integration. It's very easy to use and allows me to have a shared inbox for all my customer support messages. It also has customer messaging like intercom in the Plus plan. This allows for sales and marketing automation. I haven't tried the FAQ feature yet but I definitely plan on using it.
Incredibly easy to use about 1 month ago by
I'm just starting to set up my store and picked Re:amaze helpdesk since it was the first one that popped up. Created an account and got it working on my store in minutes. Truly great integration. Reached out to their support and they were very helpful. Looks like it's going to be a winner in supporting my future customers with live chat. Apparently they also offer a real time live dashboard so I can see which customers are on my store and what they're doing. This is a native integration so I can see customers' order data as well.
Very Easy to Use & Service is Responsive 3 months ago by
We migrated from Magento, using an internal HelpDesk extension, to BigCommerce. After very thorough research on HelpDesk programs that would best suit our needs we settled on ReAmaze. It's very easy to set-up and their built-in Live Chat App is excellent. I recently noticed a bug in our back-end and they had it fixed within 20 minutes. They were friendly and helpful - which is always a sign of a company with good culture and stands behind their product. Very happy with our decision!
Confusing and Illogical Signup Process; Decent Service 9 months ago by
Had to uninstall. Our sales and marketing departments have come together to decide against using Reamaze, due to the amount of unnecessary frustration involved in signing up an account and getting set up. Reamaze claims to be more "modern" but that obviously does not mean better. We just needed a simple live chat tool to use in our site, not a new email dashboard that makes incorrect assumptions, sets up illogical defaults, has notification errors, and overly relies on automation that doesn't function smoothly. I've personally worked with 100+ 3rd party software providers like this and have never experienced such a confusing and illogical signup process. The customer service was decent (even though the employee took ten minutes to realize he had been giving me incorrect info) but their software and new customer on-boarding need SERIOUS help.
Very Good! 11 months ago by
After comparing most of the Live Chat App, I chose Reamaze because it was easy to use.
This product 'upped' our game! about 1 year ago by Gillian Spence
I would personally like to vouch for the way Reamaze has changed our company. Rather than having separate or one support account in Gmail, we have switched to Reamaze. All 5 of our support reps can manage support emails seamlessly and assign them to a person when appropriate. That person is notified when they are assigned which makes our response time unmatched. With each support email is a link to the customer's most recent order that is easily opened in a new window, and any notes we've put in the customer's account to be aware of are visible. What a fantastic product, it is well worth every penny! We are the largest insect farm in the world, if you've ever bought a cricket or worm for pet food or fishing, you've probably bought ours. We are a very large company, and you can imagine the volume of support emails when shipping live insects. Reamaze functions for us without skipping a beat. We highly recommend integrating this product if you want to gain an advantage in your market.
Great Service about 1 year ago by
It's really hard to find an app that works well and has great customer service. We have used this app every day for the last 6 months and it has always worked great. If we need anything the Reamaze team answers fast.
So far is is awesome and just what we needed. about 1 year ago by
We have been using REamaze for about a week now and we like it. It is easy to use and setup with our existing email (you just forward you mail to REamaze). Keeps all of the customer conversations in one place so our support team can see all that has been discussed with customers. No need for the customer to remember a ticket number. Also the chat and knowledge base are a plus. Also, they have been really nice to work with us and even made changes on their end so it would work with our website. They are a young business so they have the ability to make hotfixes and improvements in a very short amount of time.
An incredible app worth way more! over 3 years ago by Jason Moore

This is one of those apps that is very good at what it does. Easy for the customer to use and keeps every contact and support case nice and tidy. Could use some more features like multiple stores and has some small bugs, but am confident they will get worked out!

Test over 3 years ago by


Amazing App, Better Customer Service over 3 years ago by

 This is my first review.  I could NOT contain what has been an excellent experience from start to finish. What a great team.  First of all, the functionality alone makes this the best of the all in one customer engagement apps available.  Scaling up with additional stores is easy, the cost is out of control good.  

This is a must add.  Before you go with one of the more established brands, I highly encourage you try Re:Amaze.  The price is perfect, the team is responsive, and everything works beautifully and easily for our store.  Kudos.