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About the app

Here at Rebillia, with 6+ years of experience serving BigCommerce merchants, and 8+ years serving subscriptions globally - we know what a subscription business needs. That's why we provide the easiest and most flexible enterprise subscription management platform for BigCommerce, without compromising on customer experience!

Using our fully embedded integration, your customers won't even know we are there. Couple that with our proprietary, self-built, subscription engine and our vertical-based plan distribution, we make sure you get the features you need and do not pay for those you don't.

Whether you choose to enjoy the simplicity of our "Plug & Play" app OR are looking to unleash the full power of customization using our best-in-class RESTful APIs, Rebillia delivers powerful and clean engagements to build, maintain and scale your subscription business.

Like thousands of merchants around the world, across all business types and sizes, join Rebillia, the leading subscription software on BigCommerce and Spearhead the Subscription Era.

*Listed prices are of discounted rates for first year use on eCommerce platform-based applications. No contract, net-30, monthly payment. Monthly rates (+ fees) are fixed for 12 months, and are payment for a license for the use of certain products of the "Rebillia Platform". Customers use, or non-use, of any applicable features will not be taken into consideration for refund purposes. Visit for more information!

App Features

Subscriptions, Memberships, Auto-Ships

Rebillia offers maximum billing flexibility, coupling our product-based subscription module with our self-developed subscription engines!

Fully Embedded & Synchronized with BigCommerce

Rebillia embeds itself into your store's interfaces and functionalities to provide your customers with the best shopping experience, while keeping your store's back-end management completely the same!

PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider & GDPR Compliant

Security & Privacy are our #1 priorities! Rebillia is the only certified level 1 PCI compliant & GDPR Compliant payment solution app on the BigCommerce marketplace - backed by the PCI council.

Rated 5-Stars Across All Boards

A good software isn't worth much without a team of experts backing it up! Get to know our team of experts and see what they can do for your store.

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  • Custom Price:
    Monthly + Setup (Custom Pricing)


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